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Reiki Awakening Academy

Worry-Free Manifesting

Worry-Free Manifesting

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In this course, you'll learn the four essential ingredients for successful manifesting, how they work, and why they're important. You'll also be introduced to two fast, fun, and simple ways to apply these ingredients in a practice that requires no supplies, and can be done anywhere in just a few minutes. These fresh approaches leave you feeling positive, motivated, and worry-free.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: What Is Manifesting?

This lesson introduces you to what manifesting is, how it works, and the four essential ingredients for successfully manifesting your goals into being.

Lesson 2: Amazon Universe

In this lesson, you'll learn a fun and positive manifesting technique you can do anywhere, anytime, called Amazon Universe. This tool eliminates worry and keeps you feeling a joyful sense of anticipation, which helps speed along your manifesting process.

Lesson 3: The Executive Staff Meeting

In this lesson, you'll learn a powerful, easy tool that helps you feel supported, energized, grateful, and most of all, keeps your energy flowing in resonance with the universe in bringing your goals into being.

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