Our programs are designed to assist in developing your intuition, powers for healing, and supporting you with simple, practical methods.


Wellness Retreat

Discover rejuvenation and tranquility at our wellness retreats in Rancho Las Cascadas, Buena Vista, Mexico. Join us for a transformative experience amidst breathtaking natural landscapes.

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Need Life Balance?

It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. With the stress of meeting family obligations, work responsibilities and life’s daily demands, you need to find ways to find personal balance through it all.

Reiki Awakening Academy is the perfect place to get started with educational excellence that fits into your schedule, and brings you the balance you crave!

Get started with a FREE Introduction to Practical Reiki™ course and learn ways to create balance in your life.

  • Level 1

    • Self Healing
    • Healing for others
    • Distance Healing (3 Ways)
    • Relationship Healing
    • Cleansing a Room
    • Situation/ Qualities Healing
  • Level 2

    • Grounding
    • Cleansing all Chakras and Energetic Pathways (Meridians) 
  • Level 3

    • DNA Healing
    • Causal Healing
    • Past Life Healing
    • Trauma/Injury Effects Healing
    • Location Healing
    • Giving Attunements 

Why Reiki Awakening Academy?

Reiki Awakening Academy offers you life-changing courses, conveniently accessible, with expert personal support. Each course is specifically designed to enhance your intuitive growth and healing potential.

  • FREE Practical Reiki™ Introductory Course
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy to use techniques designed for EVERYONE
  • Learn energy healing practices from Authority Expert and Program Director Alice Langholt, Ph.D.
  • Discover your authentic self through training programs, books, and personal mentoring
  • Create balance in your personal and professional life
Transform Your Life
  • Alice Langholt practices and teaches Reiki in a very down-to-earth, dare I say Practical, manner. She is kind, empathetic, caring, and imaginative, both as a teacher and as a person. I highly recommend her books and classes.

    Jack Johnson

  • Alice is the most open, caring, and dedicated teacher you can ever have. Whatever your level is, she can work with you and help guide you to the next level. Her written works and classes are very engaging and draw you in. You can't help but be caught up in her energy and enthusiasm.

    Amber Tate

  • I stand here amazed that I've been without Reiki up until this point in my life, and so grateful that it has appeared now. Reiki is a tool, a gift, and a way of life. I have truly been able to help others help themselves, and that is the greatest gift I could ever hope to receive...it fulfills my life's purpose.

    Sarah Serafin

  • Practical Reiki has a big place in my life. I'm glad it is there to help me with my relationships, house, plants, health, and many more. I have been using it everyday since being attuned to level one and it's really easy and natural for me to keep doing it now.

    Frances Villanueva-Asi

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