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Who Are You, and Why Have You Become So Strange?

Who Are You, and Why Have You Become So Strange?

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How to deal with questions from skeptics, naysayers, and ourselves when we become more intuitive, spiritual, or both.

Times are changing, and so are you. Opening your intuition has brought about new experiences. But sharing them is another matter. You find yourself struggling to rationalize, put your new understandings into words without sounding like you've lost hold of reality.

You meet others who have had similar or vastly different intuitive experiences, and you don't know whether to believe them. You look at them, you look inward. Your left brain challenges you: Is this stuff real? Is it "all in the mind?"

Take this course, get some perspective, and learn how to find out, conclusively, for yourself. Also, find out how to deal with those who tell you that you're crazy or wrong.

You'll leave the class armed with self-confidence and deep understanding. It's a reality check for those on the path to enlightenment.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: What Is "Weird?"

In this lesson, we will discuss the way we, and others, approach the ideas of "weird" verses "normal" in life. We'll also explore what happens when our ideas of weird or normal conflict with those of others, and how people typically respond to this discrepancy. By considering and learning to understand what these labels actually are, and why they occur, we can also begin to understand ourselves better.

Lesson 2: What To Do When Our Reality Conflicts With Someone Else's

In this lesson, we'll understand what naturally happens when we encounter someone who doesn't believe in what we are doing. I'll offer you some useful suggestions for how to handle this situation.

Lesson 3: Becoming Open Ourselves

We may want to be more open to new experiences, to expand our own way of understanding life. In this lesson, I'll offer some suggestions for how to invite your mind and intuition to grow further through expanding your awareness to help you notice new experiences.

Lesson 4: Intuitive, Or Crazy?

In this lesson, we'll discuss some ways to tell the difference between someone who is very intuitive, and someone who has lost touch with reality. Once we become more open to possibilities we may not have previously been open to, it can sometimes feel like the line between intuitive and crazy has blurred in a confusing way. Here are some helpful tips.

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