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Reiki Awakening Academy

Unconditional Happiness

Unconditional Happiness

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Two amazing tools to give yourself permission to be happy. 

This course is designed to help you break through the common barriers to happiness and joy in your life. These simple tools can help you unlock your natural capacity for a persistent state of happiness.
In the first lesson, we'll explore how to eliminate the insidious “if/then” statements that trap happiness behind certain conditions. Then, in the second lesson, you’ll learn to relinquish rigid expectations about what “should” happen so you can embrace life's flow.
The tools I’m going to bring you will help you release what stands between you and simple happiness.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Eliminate Conditionals

In this lesson, you'll learn to identify those conditional statements that you put between yourself and happiness and learn to see beyond them to experience happiness without needing a reason. With some simple prompts, you'll be able to access that ever-present happiness without the barriers, and then start to lock it in.

Lesson 2: Release The Idea That Things Should Be Different

In this lesson, you'll learn to recognize that expecting or wanting things to be different from how they are is a happiness blocker. You'll recognize when you're doing that, and then learn to embrace acceptance of the present moment and find peace there.

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