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Three Simple Ways to Invite the Angels to Dance With You

Three Simple Ways to Invite the Angels to Dance With You

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Do you want to feel like life is working with you to create your happiness and success? This course offers you three simple and powerful tools to engage in a relationship with energies that are available to help you with all of that. Whether you call them angels, or you are ready to experience a sense of being supported and helped by forces outside yourself, if you give these tools a try, you’ll notice you’ve engaged in a conversation that’s real and happening.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Happy Surprises

In this lesson, we will begin to cultivate a relationship. We will start the energy flowing by simply asking for engagement in a specific way. The tool taught in this lesson is simple and only takes a few seconds to initiate. But, it can have a powerful impact on the ways in which we notice and appreciate the responses we'll receive.

Lesson 2: Asking for Guidance

In this lesson, we're going to learn a fast way to ask, and receive, guidance to help us make a decision. There's such a big difference between feeling we have to know it all, or figure it all out ourselves, or we have help anytime we need it. This lesson will show you how to strengthen your connection and be tuned in to receive guidance whenever you need it.

Lesson 3: Ask for Signs

In this lesson, you'll learn to ask for, and notice, signs of acknowledgement. It can feel very reassuring to know that someone is there, caring for you, helping you, wanting the best for you. In this lesson, you'll learn how to ask for, and be aware of signs that are there for you to receive as reassurance.

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