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Swiftly Shift Your Perspective

Swiftly Shift Your Perspective

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This series will give you useful tools for separating your sense of identity from your thoughts and emotions. The first track offers three powerful tools you can use immediately. With these tools, problems become less stressful and less personal, and you can experience a renewed sense of positivity. The final two tracks present elevated ways of contemplating your existence. Listening to them can help expand your perception.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Three Powerful Techniques to Change Your Perspective

The first tool will remove upset that comes from thinking about a stressful situation. It will walk you through two steps which will shift your emotional state from stress to peace in two minutes. Once you try it once, you'll be able to use it whenever you need it. The second tool will help shift your sense of awareness to a bigger space. It will bring you a bigger perspective on who you are in relation to all that is around you, and help you decrease your ownership of the concerns and worries which can rob your sense of peace. The third tool in this lesson will help you become aware that you can choose the characteristics that you want to be most present in your character. As you practice embodying the traits you want in your life, you'll experience inner and outer acceptance of these characteristics. This is a powerful manifesting tool you can try anywhere, any time.

Lesson 2: When You Need A Fresh Perspective

This bonus lesson is meant to help you consider the goodness in your life, and inspire you to embrace it more fully. It is an original poem put to music that challenges you to have a wider perspective.

Lesson 3: We Are All God

This bonus track will lead you on an exploration of consciousness, and your part in the wholeness of life. This lesson presents a spiritual perspective, which includes ownership of the importance of your intentions, and encourages you to think of yourself as part of creation as it is all unfolding.

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