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Simple Steps To Return To Presence

Simple Steps To Return To Presence

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This course includes clear explanations of how and why the mind tends to replay painful memories from the past, and worry about the future. Then, you'll learn some very simple tools to change this habit and create a new one, one that helps you feel at ease in each unfolding moment as it arises. Being able to shift your attention to the present is a wonderful practice that can change your life. This course shows you that anyone can become more present quickly and easily using these simple techniques.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Memories and Worries are Bullies

This lesson helps you understand the way the imagination takes charge of recreating memories and their associated emotions, and also creating worries, along with various ways to potentially address them. What it's really doing is taking you away from the present, where all is fine. The first step to changing a habit is understanding why it's happening, and then you can learn to change it.


Lesson 2: The Present Is Okay

In this lesson, you'll learn what it means to be in the present moment. You'll also learn that your attention is the key to coming back to the present, as well as understanding how emotions are tied to where you place your attention. You'll learn how it feels when you're totally present, verses when you're not.


Lesson 3: How to be in Charge of Your Thoughts

This lesson shows you the most powerful tool you have - your attention! You'll learn how directing it can immediately shift your state of mind, your stress levels, and even help you meditate. You already have the skill to do this - but now you'll be able to do it mindfully and understand why.


Lesson 4: Two Tools to Become Instantly Present Now

This lesson brings you two powerful and instantly useful tools that you can use in any moment to shift your attention to the present. They're both excellent for anyone who wants to become more mindfully present, reduce stress, shift to a more positive mood, and experience the peace of being present in the moment.

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