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Simple Steps to Increase Your Intuition

Simple Steps to Increase Your Intuition

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In this 6-part course, you'll learn to understand and recognize your own intuition at work for you. The course segments feature short, user-friendly ways to: tune into your intuition, feel your own energy, strengthen your intuitive abilities, make use of intention, clear and release worries, become more present, receive intuitive answers, and train your mind for positivity. Finding and using your intuition is simple! This course brings you clear guidance that will get you there.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: The Intuition Is A Set Of Senses That Communicate With You

As we begin this course, we will cover the connection between physical and intuitive senses. You'll learn that you have a set of intuitive senses, and how to notice them communicating with you. In this lesson, you'll learn the foundation that will help you understand where your intuition can be found, so you can begin to personally experience the way it communicates with you. Also we'll learn what clairs are, and how they allow your intuition to communicate with you in different ways. Once you know what to pay attention to, there's even more to notice. Learning to pay attention to your clairs - the subtle sensations of your intuition - will be a key to success at becoming more intuitive with ease.

Lesson 2: Learning To Tune Into Your Intuition And Feel Your Own Energy

In this lesson, you'll learn a 5 minute exercise that will train you to pay attention to your intuitive senses. One of the things that people tend to have trouble with is trusting their intuition. This is because the information is subtle at first and easy to dismiss. This lesson will help you to become discerning as you learn to notice and pay attention to those intuitive signals. You will learn two techniques to be able to sense your own energy. With more practice, these sensations can get even more consistent, recognizable, and nuanced. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to strengthen your intuitive senses.

Lesson 3: Simple, No-Stress Meditation And Grounding

In this lesson, you'll learn a simple meditation technique that can help you overcome the "chatty mind" issue that many people face when trying to meditate. This no-stress method will help you train your mind to become quiet and observant, which is the perfect receptive state for receiving intuitive information. You'll also learn two ways to ground your energy - effortlessly, and intentionally. Find out what grounding is, the benefits it offers, and how it can help you develop a stronger intuition.

Lesson 4: Practice Using Your Intention And Elevate Your Language

Your intentions are powerful and help you realize that your thoughts matter - even to the extent of inviting new opportunities or experiences into your life. In this lesson, you'll learn how to simply set an intention, and then notice what happens as a result. This lesson is simple, but can help you experience changes that will motivate you to work even more with intention. Increasing your intuition is aided by raising your energetic vibration. One way to do that is to elevate your language. This lesson will help you to be more mindful of your word choices, and to revise them in a positive way. As you develop new habits around positive language about your life and yourself, you will also be less stressed, and more in tune with your intuition.

Lesson 5: Delegate Your Worries And Remain Present

Worrying can block your intuition because it takes up so much of your mind's resources. It's distracting, like physical pain. In this lesson, you'll learn a simple way to stop worrying, which will reduce stress, and leave space for your intuitive senses to be experienced. Also included is a fast and powerful technique for releasing self-limiting beliefs, emotional upset, traumas, and even physical pain. Doing so will help you be more present, clear-minded, and open to your intuitive messages.

Lesson 6: Receive Messages From Your Intuition And Train Your Mind For Positivity

In this final lesson of the series, you'll learn how to delegate your wishes to the Universe, and also to receive signs and answers to show you that all is happening in perfect order. This is a wonderful exercise to help you feel empowered, positive, and learn to trust your intuition. In addition, you'll practice a simple exercise that will train your mind to put more attention on positivity throughout the day. As you practice this, you'll find your whole outlook shifting to one that is anchored in positivity and optimism, and reduces the stress response. I hope you've understood many ways your intuition can grow by using these tools. May you find them all useful, and please comment to let me know what parts of this course have been most impactful for you.

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