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Rewriting Limiting Stories

Rewriting Limiting Stories

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Two simple tools to shift from self-limiting beliefs to stepping into your power.

In this 2-lesson course, you’ll learn user-friendly tools to bring awareness to your personal limiting stories and begin rewriting them. We’ll explore where stories come from in order to compassionately dismantle those that keep you small. You’ll also learn to replace stories of lack with ones that unlock your highest potential. In each lesson, there is a guided practice and ways to incorporate these shifts into your daily life with ease.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Identifying Limiting Stories

In this lesson, you'll learn to identify those narratives that hold you back from reaching your potential, and then practice a technique that shows you how much wiser you are than that belief. Using this technique will automatically reduce the power of truth that these limiting stories hold, and give you evidence that they don't define you.

Lesson 2: Transforming Limiting Phrases

In this lesson, you'll learn to recognize some of the phrases and key words that are part of self-limiting beliefs, and then to revise them to become empowering for you. With just a few changes in word choices, you can change your whole narrative to become one that exudes self-confidence. Practice along with the lesson, and incorporate this tool into your daily life for maximum benefit.

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