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Responding With Presence

Responding With Presence

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Two simple and powerful tools to remain present and grounded no matter what arises.

In a world that is constantly pushing and pulling us emotionally, it's helpful to have tools at the ready to keep from being triggered over and over again. This course gives you two simple techniques to prepare you to cultivate composure, empowerment and conscious action in the face of life’s ups and downs. Your power lies in choosing how you perceive and engage each unfolding moment.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Noticing Judgmental Labels

In this lesson, you'll gain an awareness of how often you "decide" that something is good, bad, or otherwise, and then you'll learn to step back from those labels and release them, leaving you more objective and less reactive.

 Lesson 2: Clearing Emotional Triggers

The technique in this lesson will give you the benefit of misidentifying from others’ emotions and how they express them. This prevents their reactivity from controlling our inner peace.

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