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Reiki Precepts Series

Reiki Precepts Series

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This series of Reiki Precepts contains audio classes covering various topics.

Four Powerful Ways To Eliminate Worry From Your Life

Lesson 1: What is Worry, Really?

This lesson offers an explanation of what worry is, its function, where it comes from, and why it happens. You will also learn about the addictive cycle of worry and why so many of us experience so much of it. This foundation of understanding will help you reflect on your own patterns, and the tools in the next lessons will help you stop and shift away from this cycle, to live a more content and present life.

Lesson 2: Delegate and The Flow Chart: Two Tools to Stop Worrying in the Moment

The two tools taught in this lesson will empower you with ways to instantly shift from worry to calm and confidence. They can be used individually or together as needed. Full explanation is included. You will be able to immediately put these tools to use in your life after listening to this lesson.

Lesson 3: Two Single-Word Techniques to Return to Present and Banish Worry

In this lesson, you will learn two more tools that will help bring you back to the present moment. Each has a one word title to help you remember it, making it easier to make part of your daily life. The first tool helps to shift your mind away from worries to the present moment. The second tool helps to neutralize worry and has a bonus "power-up" that can help you manifest the best possible outcome.

Three Simple Ways To Infuse More Kindness Into Your Life

Lesson 1: Self-Kindness

In this lesson, you'll learn the importance of self-kindness, and a simple and effective tool you can use to shift your focus from self-criticism to recognizing your wisdom. When we give ourselves credit for our growth and knowledge, it has profound effects on our self-esteem.

Lesson 2: Kindness to Others

In this lesson, you'll learn about an experiment which produced incredible results that showed that kindness causes actual physical changes. Inspired by this, the tools offered are micro-kindnesses that can easily be incorporated into your day that will cause a ripple effect into the world. 

Lesson 3: Kindness in Challenge or Conflict

It can be hard to listen to someone who is overwrought with emotion. But often, being heard is the most pressing need of that person in the moment. In this lesson, I'll teach you some fast ways to apply Active Listening to a situation, which can de-escalate conflict and reduce arguments. Practicing this technique will initiate an amazing shift towards kindness in your communication overall, and you will inspire others to use these techniques as well.

Simple Steps To Return To Presence

Lesson 1: Memories and Worries are Bullies

This lesson helps you understand the way the imagination takes charge of recreating memories and their associated emotions, and also creating worries, along with various ways to potentially address them. What it's really doing is taking you away from the present, where all is fine. The first step to changing a habit is understanding why it's happening, and then you can learn to change it. 

Lesson 2: The Present Is Okay

In this lesson, you'll learn what it means to be in the present moment. You'll also learn that your attention is the key to coming back to the present, as well as understanding how emotions are tied to where you place your attention. You'll learn how it feels when you're totally present, verses when you're not.

Lesson 3: How to be in Charge of Your Thoughts

This lesson shows you the most powerful tool you have - your attention! You'll learn how directing it can immediately shift your state of mind, your stress levels, and even help you meditate. You already have the skill to do this - but now you'll be able to do it mindfully and understand why. 

Lesson 4: Two Tools to Become Instantly Present Now

This lesson brings you two powerful and instantly useful tools that you can use in any moment to shift your attention to the present. They're both excellent for anyone who wants to become more mindfully present, reduce stress, shift to a more positive mood, and experience the peace of being present in the moment.

The Power of Honesty: Four Simple Tools to Live Authentically

Lesson 1: The Significance of Honesty

In this lesson, you'll learn about the importance of honesty in our relationships, and the source of the motivation to be dishonest. You'll also learn a powerful short tool you can use any time to return you to a sense of worthiness, which helps with being honest and authentic.

 Lesson 2: Honesty and the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

The mind, body, and emotions are interconnected, and dishonesty disrupts this harmony. Fear of being seen as dishonest, shame, and the fear of consequences accompany dishonesty, impacting our overall well-being. In this lesson you will learn a physical tool to help you discern the truth in nearly every situation.

Lesson 3: Honesty with Yourself

In this lesson, we'll explore the importance of being honest with yourself. You'll learn how what you believe to be true influences your experiences every day. The tool taught in this lesson is valuable in helping you to shift your beliefs away from self-limitations, negativity, and fear to optimism, possibilities, and a sense of peace.

Lesson 4: Honesty and Life Transformation

In this lesson, we'll illuminate the transformative power of honesty in your life - how it affects your relationships, your interactions, and your self-esteem. You'll learn a tool that can have a cumulative effect on your mental clarity, and thus your ability to present yourself honestly and authentically.

Three Quick Tools To Cultivate A Persistent State Of Gratitude

Lesson 1: Gratitude's Effects Inside the Body

In this lesson, you'll learn how gratitude has been scientifically shown to alter the heart rate and autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, and what that means for our health. Also, you'll learn a fast-acting tool to immediately connect with gratitude throughout the day. This is the first tool in our course, and it's one that you can use to shift any emotion to gratitude, or to amplify gratitude any time.

Lesson 2: Gratitude in the Background of Your Thoughts

In this lesson, we'll understand that in the background, we are always feeling or thinking something. This lesson will empower you with a tool that, like a computer program, can be installed to run in the background - one that keeps you attuned to gratitude all day long.

Lesson 3: Thank Yourself

In this lesson, you'll be introduced to a tool to add to your gratitude practice. This one, you will use weekly. You'll need a separate notebook for this, but it's going to become very special to you. This tool can increase your gratitude for yourself - self-love is a form of gratitude, with the same (if not more) effects on overall health.

5 Fast-Acting Tools To Shift from Anger To Peace

Lesson 1: Unpacking Anger

This lesson helps us understand what anger is, its function as an emotion, and how it can cause issues. You will also learn that the root of anger is fear, and what that fear is about. Finally, you'll be introduced to the idea that opposite emotions cannot coexist, and why. This lesson serves as a foundation of understanding that will lead you to incorporate the tools taught in the next two lessons. I hope you find it enlightening and informative. 

Lesson 2: Physical Techniques to Reduce Anger Immediately

This lesson offers you three simple tools that can immediately bring anger levels down. They can be done virtually anywhere, and are easy to remember. Each of these techniques trigger relaxation in the body, which then relaxes the emotions.

Lesson 3: Emotional Shifting Tools to Release Anger Quickly

In this lesson, you'll learn two quick and powerful techniques which will cause your anger to dissipate quickly. You can use these easy to remember tools anywhere, any time. When the tools in this course are practiced regularly, your baseline will be much closer to peaceful most of the time, and you'll find anger becomes rare.

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