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Fire Your Inner Critic

Fire Your Inner Critic

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Two very simple tools to convert your inner critic to an inner encourager

The inner critic can be the cause of shame, self-doubt, and limiting yourself from achieving success and happiness. But the truth is that it's a liar. This course features two interactive lessons, each offering you an incredibly simple way to challenge and weaken the inner critic's ownership of what we believe is true. When we stop believing the inner critic, and instead consider other labels or possibilities, we are free to experience optimism, self-esteem, and inner strength.


What's inside?

Lesson 1: The Opposite Game

This lesson helps you challenge your inner critic's authenticity with a game called The Opposite Game. When we are able to realize the inner critic is at it again, we can think of a statement that means the opposite of the message the inner critic is offering, and we can then acknowledge that there is some truth to that opposite statement. When the mind realizes two opposing things are true, it weakens the belief that one of them is true. This leads the way for positive shifts.

Lesson 2: Reframing

Reframing, or relabeling, is a tool for helping to acknowledge our own continuous growth. Too often, the inner critic labels our experiences as something to be ashamed of, such as "mistakes" and it's hard to move forward with optimism from that. In this lesson, you'll learn to recognize your labels, and change them to empowering ones.

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