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Reiki Awakening Academy

Embrace Ease, Find Flow

Embrace Ease, Find Flow

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How to let go of control and become an engaged observer, allowing your life to unfold with ease.

In this course, you'll learn two easy tools to help you release the need to control the events in your life, and how to detach from expectations and live in the moment, experiencing and enjoying what life is bringing you.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Release The Need To Control

We can’t control people’s decisions, or how things happen. But, we can control how we respond, and that response can have a gentle influence on those around us. You can strengthen your ability to respond with compassion instead. You can cultivate ease and flow, rather than intensely seeking. In this lesson, I'll offer a simple shift of thinking to help you release the desire to control, and be more present and responsive in the moment.

Lesson 2: Be Okay With Not Knowing

In this lesson, we'll explore how the need to know what will happen can cause stress, but actually releasing the need to know brings not only peace, but presence, and the awareness that life is already unfolding just fine without knowing in advance how things will align themselves. I'll teach you a simple tool to help you get to that place of peace without having all the answers prepared ahead of time.

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