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Embodying Consciousness In Two Easy Steps

Embodying Consciousness In Two Easy Steps

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Learn how to experience life from a calmer, more peaceful foundation in this short and helpful course.

The goal of this course is to help you shift your sense of identity from your thoughts, emotions, and stories, to the deeper truth of who you really are - pure consciousness. When you embody this truth, you gain access to inner peace, wisdom, and deeper connection to all of life. These two short techniques will teach you how to experience and return to this state anytime.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Consciousness Looking Out

In this lesson, we will understand labels we give ourselves, and try a technique to shift to a different one - that of consciousness looking out. This practice can help expand your awareness and help you stop owning temporary states of identification such as, "I am stressed."

 Lesson 2: Nature's Perspective

Try this exercise in which you experience yourself through the perspective of nature observing you. It's an interesting way to find peace, to feel unconditionally accepted as part of the natural world.

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