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Clear Your Fear: Part 4

Clear Your Fear: Part 4

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Use this repeat-after-me technique to clear the fear of rejection and the fear of overwhelm.

The fear of rejection and the fear of overwhelm can stop us from moving ahead in business or in life. They can also cause the stress response to stay switched on, which can limit our ability to think clearly, thus increasing the problem of overwhelm, and making it even harder to make progress towards our goals.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Instructions

In this lesson, I'll explain the tapping technique that we will use, what points to know, and how to follow along with the upcoming lessons for the most benefit. You'll also learn what tapping is, and how it works.

Lesson 2: Clear the Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection can stop us from being willing to put ourselves out there and try something new. The thing about it though, is that it's in our minds - we haven't been rejected before we even tried, even if it's happened before. Also, the idea that being rejected is unsafe can keep us frozen, stuck where we are. Try the tap along lesson in this course and see how much this tool can help you.

Lesson 3: Release the Fear of Overwhelm

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the huge number of things we need to do, our responsibilities, and others who are counting on it, and stress ramps up. We don't feel safe, we wonder if we're capable, and we have trouble focusing. Use this lesson to help bring yourself back to feeling capable, confident, and present.

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