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Clear Your Fear: Part 3

Clear Your Fear: Part 3

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In this series of courses, we will merge two highly effective approaches: Faster EFT and a personally-developed method I call, "Release and Replace." These courses are designed to help you overcome particular fears that initiate stress. Throughout each lesson, I will provide step-by-step guidance through a tap-along procedure. Simply repeat my words and tap on the designated points as we continue. By inducing the cooperation of your mind, body, and energy system, we will address and alleviate these fears.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Instructions

In this lesson, I'll explain the tapping technique that we will use, what points to know, and how to follow along with the upcoming lessons for the most benefit. You'll also learn what tapping is, and how it works.

Lesson 2: Release the Fear of Change

The fear of change can bring anxiety and take us away from being present in the moment. In this lesson, we will follow a tapping sequence written to help release the fear of change, to help you move forward without anxiety, but with confidence and anticipation.

Lesson 3: Release the Fear of My Issues

Sometimes we feel like we have too many issues, too much baggage or trauma, to even be able to heal. This is, however just a story. It's a narrative, and we don't have to let fear hold us back from being able to make the changes we want. This lesson will help you shed that fear and more forward towards healing with grace.

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