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Clear Your Fear: Part 2

Clear Your Fear: Part 2

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Tap along and repeat after me to easily Release Fear of Conflict and Release Fear of Judgement.

In this course series, we will combine two powerful techniques, Faster EFT and a unique method I call "Release and Replace," to help you neutralize specific fears that trigger stress. In each lesson, I'll be guiding you through a tap-along process. Just repeat after me and tap on the points I’ll tell you as we go along. By combining the power of your mind, body, and energy system, we're going to work together to release those fears.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Instructions

In this lesson, I'll explain the tapping technique that we will use, what points to know, and how to follow along with the upcoming lessons for the most benefit. You'll also learn what tapping is, and how it works.

Lesson 2: Release The Fear Of Conflict

The fear of conflict is a powerful stressor, one that can keep us in a passive place, keeping quiet for the sake of maintaining peace, while also resenting the situation. It's really difficult! This lesson is here to help you break away from that fear, and reconnect to the courage to speak with clarity while feeling safe doing so.

Lesson 3: Release The Fear Of Judgement

The fear of judgement or criticism creates stress and often will cause us to limit ourselves rather than be hurt by someone else's opinion. This lesson is here to help you release this fear, so you can move forward with your growth with confidence in yourself.

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