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A Moment for Me: Self care for busy people

A Moment for Me: Self care for busy people

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Luckily, even 30 seconds can make a difference in all of these areas. Use this book to inspire you any time of the day to stop and bring yourself some balance. You'll find that the stress-relieving results last far longer than the 30 seconds you spent on the task in the book. You'll also find that you're becoming more mindful, present, and emotionally balanced because in those 30 seconds a day, you're training yourself to value your own care. That has a profound effect on your life.

Each page has a task, a reason why it's beneficial, and simple to follow instructions. Tasks address every aspect of the self - mind, emotions, body, and spirit.

To receive benefits from this book:
Turn to any page. Do the 30 second task on the page. Then experience the change in you that results. You'll feel energized, peaceful, confident, and cared for.

Do your task any time of the day - in the morning, on a lunch break, after work, or before bed. It only takes 30 seconds - literally - to change your day for the better. You may even find yourself using the book multiple times per day, because you enjoy it so much!

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