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5 Fast-Acting Tools To Shift from Anger To Peace

5 Fast-Acting Tools To Shift from Anger To Peace

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It's completely normal and even essential to experience anger. It helps us survive and protect ourselves. However, when we get consumed by anger, or when we tend to be quickly triggered into an angry response, it leads to trouble with relationships and our well-being. It takes away our peace, and stress becomes more of our baseline state. This course provides uncomplicated techniques that effectively calm both our physical and mental state, enabling us to transition from a state of anger to tranquility in no time. Practicing these techniques can shift your tolerance for stress higher, and your reactivity will decrease as well. As a result, you'll feel more peaceful, more often.

What's inside?

Lesson 1: Unpacking Anger

This lesson helps us understand what anger is, its function as an emotion, and how it can cause issues. You will also learn that the root of anger is fear, and what that fear is about. Finally, you'll be introduced to the idea that opposite emotions cannot coexist, and why. This lesson serves as a foundation of understanding that will lead you to incorporate the tools taught in the next two lessons. I hope you find it enlightening and informative. 

Lesson 2: Physical Techniques to Reduce Anger Immediately

This lesson offers you three simple tools that can immediately bring anger levels down. They can be done virtually anywhere, and are easy to remember. Each of these techniques trigger relaxation in the body, which then relaxes the emotions.

Lesson 3: Emotional Shifting Tools to Release Anger Quickly

In this lesson, you'll learn two quick and powerful techniques which will cause your anger to dissipate quickly. You can use these easy to remember tools anywhere, any time. When the tools in this course are practiced regularly, your baseline will be much closer to peaceful most of the time, and you'll find anger becomes rare.

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