Practical Reiki™ Instructor Training

Do you love Practical Reiki and want to teach it to others effectively?

This class gives you both important instruction and hands-on practice with valuable feedback from fellow students and Master Teacher, Alice Langholt. You’ll leave the training prepared and confident.

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Do you love Practical Reiki and want to teach it to others effectively? 

Would you like to increase your income and help empower others as a Practical Reiki Instructor? This class will give you the techniques to:

  • Explain Reiki in a clear, coherent way
  • Understand and utilize the important tricks and techniques for being an excellent teacher
  • Teach students of any level of experience, together in a class
  • Help students immediately feel and recognize energy
  • Give in-person attunements to a small or large group of students
  • Manage class time effectively

You will learn important teaching techniques that will empower you to teach Practical Reiki clearly and confidently!

Be prepared and confident

After completing this training, you’ll receive the benefit of being an RAA Certified Practical Reiki Instructor with a Recommended listing on the RAA website.

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Those who take this training receive a PR Teacher Pack which includes:

  • Master Teacher Training for PR (skills applicable to any subject you’d want to teach)
  • A PR Instruction Power Point for organizing each lesson
  • PR Certificate Template you can use to award official certificates to your students
  • A Recommended listing on the RAA Practical Reiki Instructor page for a year
  • An official Practical Reiki Certified Instructor badge for your promotional materials and website
  • Discounts on bulk orders for books
  • Suggested pricing for your classes, texts, workbooks, and more

See our list of Certified Reiki Instructors here.

Discover Practical Reiki™

Prerequisite: Practical Reiki Master Certification

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