Practical Reiki™ for Nurses and Caregivers

With Alice Langholt, Ph.D. - Reiki Master Teacher 

Reiki is an energy healing practice that enhances wellness by encouraging the system towards balance at all levels: body, mind and spirit.  

Anyone can learn Reiki, regardless of any previous experience or intuitive ability. It is simple to learn and yours for a lifetime.

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Practical Reiki is a Reiki method that requires no symbols or hand positions.

It is ideal for nurses because you simply activate the flow of the energy and then allow it to work as you perform your regular patient care. 

With Practical Reiki, you also learn techniques for: self healing, pain management, relaxation, stress relief, amplifying the body’s natural ability to heal, emotional balance, increasing mental focus and clarity, enhancing effectiveness, and training the caregiver to help those in one’s care. 

Practical Reiki is simple enough to learn in two sessions, yet strong enough to make an impact in your work and your own well-being.

CEs are offered via the Ohio Board of Nursing, and are accepted for Registered Nurses in most US states.

This CE Activity, OLN-xxx, offered by The Reiki Awakening Academy has been approved for 8.0 contact hours by the Ohio Board of Nursing through the approver unit at the Ohio League for Nursing (OBN-006-92) and the program is approved to be offered through [date].

This 4 Session Course Includes:

  • Practical Reiki attunements & certification (levels 1 & 2)
  • Reiki for Nurses & Caregivers Manual (provided)
  • Complete instruction and hands-on practice opportunities
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Individualized Reiki for Caregivers, Nurses and Home Health Care exercises, guidance and feedback geared toward your individual and work-related goals with close and complete mentoring and support.
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You will learn important  techniques that will empower you to help your patients and yourself!

  • Alice is fearless & passionate about truly helping others, both from a standpoint of healing & empowerment. Her stories & lessons are captivating & enlightening. You will not be disappointed to spend some time with her crafting your own empowerment.

    - Noura Sofiya Skakri

  • Alice comes from a place of pure authentic badassery when she shares her story about discovering and then mastering Reiki. She helps the skeptics wake up to huge opportunities by sharing her journey. And then she skillfully teaches us the tools, opening our worlds to what's possible. I highly recommend you take advantage of reading her books and learning from her!

    - Laura DiFranco

  • Alice Langholt practices and teaches Reiki in a very down-to-earth, dare I say Practical, manner. She is kind, empathetic, caring, and imaginative, both as a teacher and as a person. I highly recommend her books and classes.

    - Jack Johnson

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