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Practical Reiki™ provides the tools to learn intuitive practices that can be incorporated into your everyday to help boost energy, outlook, and health. This course can help you to discover your light and your power.

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Step Into Your Light

With the pandemic, now more than ever, we're feeling disconnected. Add to it burnout and the mounting stress of everyday life and it can feel impossible to focus on what's needed for self-care and wellness. Reiki makes it possible to find attunement within. Healing begins with mind and body connection. However, most Reiki courses incorporate complicated techniques.

Practical Reiki™ provides the tools to learn intuitive practices that can be incorporated into your everyday to help boost energy, outlook, and health. This course can help you to discover your light and your power.

  • What You Get #1

    Immediate access to instructional videos watchable on demand by the founder of the Practical Reiki™ System, Alice Langholt, Ph.D. Easy to understand, modern-language instruction to empower you immediately. No hand positions or symbols needed – ever!

  • What You Get #2

    Personal support throughout your journey with Alice Langholt, Ph.D. She responds personally to help support your confidence and success as a Practical Reiki™ Practitioner and Master!

    All attunements are sent to you with easy-to-follow instructions. Continued support is completely integrated into the program.

  • What You Get #3

    Award-winning book and workbook to support your development and progress, ensuring your success. In addition, receive Practical Reiki™ Master Certificate award upon program completion.

    Complete access to a program that has empowered thousands of students worldwide at an affordable price.

  • Access to the private Learn Practical Reiki™ Facebook group where you can connect with other students, share wins, and find practice partners.

  • Completion of the program gives you access to become a Certified Practical Reiki™ Instructor. Offer this amazing energy therapy to others as a confident professional.

  • Lifetime support with Alice Langholt. Alice is 100% invested in every student’s confidence, success, and love of Reiki!

  • Instant access to my course - Rapidly Neutralize Stress & Anxiety, which includes over an hour of new video content and course material.

Take your place as an energy healer...

Yes! You can easily harness your innate power for healing yourself and helping others without having to memorize complicated symbols or rituals! Learn Reiki energy healing quickly, simply, and use it immediately, without needing to leave home, spend thousands of dollars, or memorize anything. Take your place as an energy healer, personally and professionally, in this self-paced, online course with personal support.

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Imagine this...

How would your life be different if you could…

  • Boost your own immune system simply, in 5-10 minutes per day?
  • Release stress, pain, and emotional blockages in minutes?
  • Help people in your life feel better when something hurts?
  • Offer distance healing confidently, and receive validating feedback?
  • Experience your intuition increasing every day?
  • Heal relationships with energy when they’re strained?
  • Do healing at a cellular level, through past lives, into the past, or release traumas?
  • Help your pets when they’re unwell or upset?
  • Feel spiritually connected to all life?

I used to get sick every winter. My family did too. I thought it was inevitable, living in Ohio during harsh winters and lots of germ exposure. But once I learned Reiki, and started doing self-healing, I simply stopped getting sick. I didn’t have even a cold for six years! My students also realize the improvements in their own health immediately after their level 1 attunement. If you find yourself dealing with seasonal colds or flu, this course will change your life!

Here’s the thing – we are much more powerful than we’ve been taught to believe! We can heal ourselves! We can strengthen our intuition by simply using it through the practices of Practical Reiki™ for minutes a day. And we can have this tool available to us 24/7, 365 days a year at our fingertips!

It’s time that you recognize this power in yourself and learn to hone it!

Money back guarantee

If, after going through level 1 you aren’t 100% thrilled with this program.

  • Unlike other Reiki classes, Practical Reiki™ offers you:

    • An affordable way to learn from home
    • Personal support
    • Clear, easy to understand videos and a simple “intend and send” two-step approach
    • A caring instructor with over a decade of professional practice
    • Lifetime support
    • And so much more!
  • Why learn with Alice Langholt, Ph.D.?

    • Alice has a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology – the study of Consciousness, Healing and the Mind-Body connection. She has a depth of education that helps her support her students’ understanding and loves to share her vast knowledge.
    • Alice’s textbook, Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health is a two-time award winner.
    • Alice has a professional Reiki practice.
    • Alice teaches Reiki as an adjunct professor at Montgomery College.
  • Noura Sofiya Skakri

    Alice is fearless & passionate about truly helping others, both from a standpoint of healing & empowerment. Her stories & lessons are captivating & enlightening. You will not be disappointed to spend some time with her crafting your own empowerment.

  • Laura DiFranco

    Alice comes from a place of pure authentic badassery when she shares her story about discovering and then mastering Reiki. She helps the skeptics wake up to huge opportunities by sharing her journey. And then she skillfully teaches us the tools, opening our worlds to what's possible. I highly recommend you take advantage of reading her books and learning from her!

  • Jack Johnson

    Alice Langholt practices and teaches Reiki in a very down-to-earth, dare I say Practical, manner. She is kind, empathetic, caring, and imaginative, both as a teacher and as a person. I highly recommend her books and classes.

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