Welcome new RAA  teacher Diane Faist! See her upcoming classes here!

Hi, I’m Diane!

I am an energy life coach, reiki master, intuitive guide and deep listener, and I want to help you on your journey of discovery and achievement (dianergy.com). I am an experienced distance healer and writer, and I enjoy expressing myself with creativity. My approach is neutral and non-judgmental, and I always try to provide honest guidance quickly.

Early in my career, I helped individuals and business teams learn how to use digital publishing tools, and taught college classes for many years. That career was interrupted by a significant health crisis, which changed my focus and guided me into intense training as an Energy Based Life Coach. This training helped change my health and career path for the better, and through that process I learned to trust and follow my internal guiding light and spiritual guidance. I am looking forward to having an opportunity to help you experience the same type of growth and empowerment that has energized and enriched my own life!

Diane will be teaching:
Be sure to check them out!
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