Managing a Reiki Practice by the Reiki Healing Principles

by Rickie Meryl Freedman

Rickie Freedman

Preparing for my Workshop “From Passion to Profession – YES You Can!”, I finally counted and was amazed to discovered that I share almost 1000 Reiki Sessions a year not including events, classes, workshops, and fundraisers!

I am Blessed to have created and manage Harrisburg PA’s first Reiki Center “Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place.” ReikiSpace is truly an extension of me, and I make a conscious daily choice to live in Integrity with the Reiki Healing Principles every day.  I am convinced that the reason that ReikiSpace is successful is that Love and Service are always first, and we are never focused on numbers, dollars, competition, or fear.  I am very conscious of the Energy of all my words, emotions, attitudes and thoughts, and how they impact my well-being and inner peace, my clients and co-workers, and on and on into the world.

Here are the Reiki Healing Principles, along with my personal philosophy. They impact my business on a daily basis. I recite them many times daily, and thus I created the “Rickie Healing Principles” so that I can express what I desire to attract and how I choose to be in my life with the highest vibration.

1) “Just for Today, I Release all worry”…Worry is a low frequency vibration. It will lower your ability to attract what you truly desire, and attract more to worry about. My “Rickie Healing Principle” states “In this Moment, I Choose Faith.” Every aspect of my journey has been about trusting my guidance and being willing to say YES! Stepping forwards, and taking inspired action. I Trust in perfect and divine timing, and I am able to flow with the natural ups and downs of class attendance, weather cancellations, missed appointments etc. I Trust that “In this moment, all is well.” Cycles will come and go, and I will continue to learn and grow from every challenge.

2) “Just for Today, I Release all anger”…Anger can drain energy in huge bursts. Walking the Reiki path doesn’t mean we don’t experience every emotion, or have significant challenges come our way. Reiki is a path of Integrity.  Anger can be an impetus for change if expressed in a healthy and loving way in alignment with Reiki.  My “Rickie Healing Principle” states “In this moment, I Choose Peace.” Peace is what I desire in my life and my Reiki practice. Sometimes it is a moment by moment choice to breathe deeply and share Reiki with myself so I can continue to be a Healing Presence for others. When a client forgets their appointment, I am able to be in place of Compassion, as we have all done this at one time or another. In my experience, no one ever takes advantage of this, as they never want to miss their Reiki!

3) “I Honor Every Living Thing”…Reiki honors our connection and Oneness with all sentient beings. The more love and compassion I can allow for myself, the more I can share with others. How we treat ourselves affects others and the world. Reiki always begins with ourselves. Keeping ourselves filled up, connected and grounded allows the energy to flow through and never drains us, while remaining heart-center and connected. I am able to view the behavior of others with the eyes of Compassion.

4) “I Earn my Living with Integrity”…Of course, we always need to be honest in our work. This principle to me is about our “Life’s Work” – are we following our passion and purpose, sharing our gifts, and living in accordance with our own core values? Integrity lives in our solar plexus, and our gut will speak to us when we are not being our True Selves in the world. It is not enough just to “Talk the Talk.” People can feel when we are not in alignment, and will not feel the safety and trust so crucial in the Reiki relationship.

5) “I Show Gratitude for all my Many Blessings”…Gratitude is one of the highest frequency vibrations. When we remember to show and express our Gratitude, by the Law of Attraction we will continue to attract more abundance to be Grateful for. This can be financial – money is an energy which must continue to flow and be shared – but it can also be an abundance of peace, joy, and bliss etc. It is physiologically impossible to be stressed and Grateful in the same moment.  Writing 3-5 things we are Grateful for every morning and evening is a simple powerful practice that takes very little time. It will start and end your day in a positive vibration, and you will catch yourself throughout your day looking for things you are Grateful for to remember to put in your Gratitude journal!

“Just for Today”…We can all make the moment by moment conscious choice to apply the peaceful, balancing, connected, unconditionally loving, non-judgmental perspective of Reiki to every aspect of our lives and work. It is all one and the same when we live in integrity by the Reiki Healing Principles. BE Reiki, and continue to always choose L.O.V.E. (Living One Vibrational Energy).

Peace and Namaste’, Rickie


Rickie Meryl Freedman, Reiki Master/Teacher, P.T.

For over 20 years, with her focus on bringing an Integrative approach to Holistic Health, Rickie’s expertise spans across many aspects of healthcare, particularly pain and stress management, as well as the reduction of addictive behaviors, anxiety and sleep issues.

Her specialty “Reiki by Rickie ~ Gentle Touch, Deep Healing” is one of many tools. Rickie also teaches all levels of Reiki Classes, including “Reiki for Healthcare Professionals” and “ReikiKids”, and is Certified in ReikiSound and ReikiVoice.

Rickie offers Reiki Sessions, Events, Workshops and Classes at Harrisburg area’s first Reiki Center which she created and opened 4/1/13 “Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place”. She also facilitates a Mentorship program entitled “Follow your Heart  AND Do it Smart” for Holistic Healers and small business professionals who would like to move forwards with Heart and Service first!

Rickie’s Mission in the world is to bring the Inner Peace of the Reiki Experience in a grounded way to as many people as possible in every walk of life. Rickie makes a conscious daily choice to Live and work by the Reiki Healing Principles.



Dear Healers and Seekers,

The first of five Reiki Principles, or Precepts, as they are sometimes called, is, “Just for today, I will avoid anger.”

That’s a great idea. There are so many people going around angry right now – especially with election campaigns and hearings ramping up. It’s like being in a pot that’s getting ready to boil. The anger, outrage, controversy, and emotional angst swirling around our country is palpable. It’s all over social media, the news, and discussions pretty much everywhere you go. How are you going to avoid this anger, and avoid getting swept up in it?

It takes determination. I will avoid anger doesn’t mean I will never get angry. But, if you are looking to avoid anger, you can recognize that you’re feeling angry and decide to release it.

How to do this? Start by examining the anger. “Hmm, I’m feeling angry about XYZ.” Looking at a feeling objectively already starts to deflate its intensity. Go farther next. Ask yourself, “Where is this anger coming from? What am I REALLY angry about?” Chances are, it’s about feeling a loss of your power. Most anger is actually a fear of losing power or control. Powerlessness can be frightening.

The next step is to ask yourself if there is something that can be done about the situation that you’re angry about. This doesn’t mean revenge. This means something constructive that you can do to help yourself feel more empowered. Sometimes, just releasing the anger by focusing on gratitude is all you need to do, and it helps. It helps because it is impossible to feel angry and grateful at the same time. So, if you switch your focus to gratitude, you’ll find your anger dissipating.

If there is something constructive to do, you can do it. This means something that won’t hurt anyone, but will actually make the situation better. You’ll feel empowered then, and not angry.

If there is nothing you can do about the situation (someone you love was fired, someone got a dire diagnosis, etc.), then you can hand it off to your spiritual team. That means, whatever your spiritual connection is, give it to them. For me, that’s my Guides and Angels. They’re the team to which that I hand off my issues that I can’t change. And, I tell them, “Take this (problem) and please solve it for the highest and best of all concerned. When there’s something for me to do, please show me.” Then, I release it, and I immediately feel better.

Going around angry is bad for the energy, and will be reflected in the health of the body as well, if it’s not dealt with. Anger leads to a lot of needless violence in this world. Changing the anger in our country, in our community, in our families, begins with our own resolve to do so in ourselves.

The Reiki Precepts are inspiring and can make powerful change in your life.

The full list is:

Just for Today

I will avoid anger.

I will avoid worry.

I will do my work honestly.

I will be grateful for my blessings.

I will be kind to all.

The Reiki Precepts, or Reiki Principles as they’re sometimes called, are not commandments, nor are they mandatory in Reiki practice. They are ideals, ethical statements. But, wow. Just try this. Focus on one each day, or all of them. Your life will be better for it.

With love,



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