Dear Healers and Seekers,

I’m still buzzing from my time at SAND. In fact… I’ve had a few eyebrow-raising electronic blowouts happening around me lately too. My digital picture frame in my office, which displays pictures of weddings I’ve officiated, had a complete crash of the video card about 5 minutes after I walked into my office after returning home. Two little battery-operated spotlights (new) in my office needed the batteries replaced suddenly at the same time.  And yesterday, my car battery died all at once.

Is it Mercury Retrograde? Is it me? Is it random. (No, it’s not random).

I’m always curious about the forces at work in our minds, consciousness, and the bigger picture. I figure trying things and seeing what happens is a great way to learn. “Let’s find the easiest way to do something new!” is my motto.

Yesterday, I had a small group in my office where we played with the aura camera, EEG headset, and tapping to see what would change. The results were pretty astounding, and exciting. Of course, there’s so much more to learn, so I’m looking forward to repeating the experiments we did with more people, and trying more things like the heart chakra tuning fork I have, and playing with some new crystals shining in a bowl on my desk.

It’s one thing to feel something working. And yes, qualitative data is always important. I mean, no matter how many visions, tingles, or psychic experiences a person has during a Reiki session, what really matters most is if the person feels better at the end, right?

But, how about if we have the technology to compare brainwaves, or chakra levels, before and after a session? Then the body is confirming that our experiences are in line with measurable data. I have the technology, friends! I’m inviting you to join me in some cutting edge experiments that can help tie our experiences together into some measurable, reportable results. This is what the new 2020 Reiki Awakening Academy membership group,
Metaphysical Mastermind is about. We’re planning experiments and going beyond with follow-up discussions, comparisons, and longer-term practice in the private Facebook group that will be integral to expanding our learning together. Check out the page to read about what we’re scheduling.

Are you curious too? Fill out the quick application here, and then stay tuned for more information as we gear up.

Oh yeah – I’m also going to make a series of videos leading up to our launch, which will be short experiments you can watch me do, to help you get a taste of what we can do on a bigger scale together. I promise to share the video links here, and they’ll also be live on the Reiki Awakening Academy Facebook page if you want to be there with me as I do them! (I’ll announce beforehand so you can click and tune in).

RAA is leading the way into 2020! See you there!

With love and open eyes,


I’m excited to share with you that the Advanced Healing Pioneers Membership Group is going to be replaced by something more experimental for 2020, the Metaphysical Mastermind membership group! Nice name, right? 😀

Led by Alice and Yancey Grantham, seminars will focus on actual experiments we’ll do together to expand our understanding of the effects of our minds and energy on making real changes in our lives in every way.

Our upcoming Seminars, which will be every other month, will focus on a metapysical concept, what it is supposed to do, and then… we’ll try it together! There will be follow up things to do (simple, impactful things) and a simple form to share your results on an ongoing basis. The Facebook group will allow us to interact, compare results, add ideas, and grow together.

I bet you’re wondering about what kind of things we’ll actualy do! That’s the exciting part!
Here are some of our topics for the year, which will start January, 2020:

  • Observing The Brain and the Body During Meditation and Healing: Through using technology such as EEG headset, aura camera, and HeartMath Innerbalance Connector, we can actually observe mental and physiological changes that happen during meditation, thinking of gratitude, manifesting, and sending and receiving distance healing. We’ll have the chance to do that, and learn via directly observable feedback just what is going on.
  • Charging Water for Healing and Manifesting Intentions: using homeopathy techniques and intention we’ll program water with specific intentions and use the water in structured ways, to see how it brings about changes for us.
  • Tapping Together on a Shared Intention, Personal Intentions, and Manifesting: using EFT techniques, we’ll test this method as a group, and going forward individually to see how we can use this powerful method.
  • Telepathy and Remote Viewing: how we can get our minds to show us what our eyes can’t see. We’ll explore techniques for connecting to information and sharing information in new ways. Then we’ll try them out!

Are you excited yet? We are!

Want to know more about the Metaphysical Mastermind? Read about it and apply now for 2020 right here!

Hoping you’ll be with us as we embark on a journey into new territory!