Having a sensitive nature is not for wimps. It’s an amazing gift, but it can often feel like a burden when you’re unsure how to manage it or your own energy is out of balance.

In this comprehensive class series taught by fellow sensitive Jennafer Martin, you’ll learn all about your sensitive nature as well as

  • gain tips to protect, ground and manage your energy,
  • make and keep healthy boundaries,
  • exercises to clear out unwanted energy,
  • specific helps to keep you physically in balance,
  • and more.

Each class is 60-90 minutes and will give you in-depth information as well as a take-home help for your energetic management. All classes are included in the Series. 

Class 1: All About Sensitives. Learn the traits of being an empath and walk away with insights as well as dozens of resources for help and support. 

Class 2: Health Tips for SensitivesGain tips to help your body stay in balance physically to avoid getting drained. 

Class 3: Healthy Boundaries for Sensitives. Discover ways to differentiate between your energy and others’, say no without feeling guilty and make and keep healthy boundaries. 

Class 4: Energy Protection for Sensitives. Go from feeling vulnerable to powerful through the variety of methods you’ll learn in this class to protect your energy. 

Class 5: Energy Clearing for Sensitives. Learn dozens of ways to clear out unwanted energy to better manage your energy to stay healthy and strong. 

Class 6: Gemstones for Sensitives. Ground, protect and renew your energy through the properties of the variety of gemstones we’ll review in this class. 

Class 7: Herbs & Oils for Sensitives. Discover the replenishing effects of herbs, essential oils and flower essences to help you stay in balance. 


Developing a strong spiritual connection is easier when you have a spiritual practice in place, but with so many different methods out there (meditation, religious fellowship, reading spiritual books/teachings, prayer, etc.), how do you know what’s right for you? Whether you are looking to build a spiritual practice from the ground up or enhance an established one, in this class with Jennafer Martin you’ll learn:
*the benefits of having an individualized spiritual practice 
*a variety of approaches and elements (mental, physical, social, metaphysical) to create a personalized spiritual practice
*how to tailor elements into a spiritual practice that meets your unique needs/wishes 
*and more! 
You’ll leave inspired to create a personal spiritual practice that enhances your life.