This class is intended for all who are experiencing the effects of traumatic memories from the past and /or observed their near and dear ones suffering from any kind of past emotional trauma caused by fear ,failure, break ups , setbacks, guilt, pain, distress or bad memories from childhood which are not letting to free themselves up and lead a happy and normal life.

This class is designed to offer some highly effective techniques that with regular practice will offer remarkable improvements in a very short period of time.

Key Takeaways:

In this class – Participants will learn a step by step approach to identify the scale of the trauma and overcome the challenges with the help of 3 very effective and easy to  DO IT YOURSELF Techniques to get rid of traumatic memories. This is a hands-on practical class and techniques could be easily applied on self and others.

The techniques in this class are derived from the combination of :

  • Energy correction & Healing with Visualization ,
  • Ancient Mudra Science
  • Balancing of 5 Elements ( Space, Air, Water, Earth and Fire)

Simple and effective to learn and practice.