Dear Healers and Seekers,

I’m so excited! After I got my Ph.D., I asked myself, “What does someone with a doctorate do with it?”

  • Teach – Check! I’m already teaching, and even teaching college as an adjunct professor at Montgomery College.
  • Write – Check! I’m writing new books and courses on an ongoing basis.
  • Speak – Yes! At conferences! Okay! I researched conferences and found SAND, the Science and Non Duality Conference, in the USA October 23-27, 2019 in San Jose, CA. I applied to be a presenter, and was selected to be a Poster Presenter and share my research. I made my reservations, and am excited to represent RAA with over 1,000 attendees, and 185 of them (including me) are Speakers.

Oh my. There are so many people going. And so many topics, all related to deep thinking topics about connectedness, the power of love and healing, quantum connections, and spirituality, all in one.

I had to create my poster for my presentation, and this was not a small, science fair poster. Oh, no. My board is 8 feet by 4 feet. I’ve never made something so large. I needed to print it on two sheets, well, I mean I needed to find a printer who could print and then ship it right to the conference center for me. It wasn’t cheap, but hey, I’m already in for registration, AirB&B, flights, rental cars, and food. So, what the heck, right? I need this so here we go.

Creating the poster was kind of terrifying. I’m great with talking. I can write. But this graphic design thing? My confidence wanes considerably. I found a template. I went through my dissertation, and after spending the whole day at it, I finished it and sent it off.

Would you like to see what my poster looks like? Look below!

Would you like to know what my experience will be like? I’m going to go live on the Reiki Awakening Academy Facebook page each day I’m there! Check the page here for my live updates (or to watch them afterward). I feel great knowing that I’m taking you with me in this way, and I can share the excitement of the conference with you while I’m there.

Most of all, I’m completely sure that I’ll be back with many new ideas to share with you – classes, posts, ebooks, books, knowledge and inspiration!

With love and excitement,


Click the links below to see my posters (which will be hung together, 1 on top, and 2 beneath).

SAND Poster Presentation 1

SAND Poster Presentation 2

Dear Healers and Seekers,

Throughout my ongoing studies, the deeper I get into studying healing and consciousness, whatever the source (EFT training, reading Lynne McTaggart’s books, or watching videos about various healing modalities), one theme keeps coming back repeatedly. That theme is that we are all connected.

A friend who does a type of physical therapy showed me that if I hold my left arm strong, and then he wiggles his left arm with me watching, I can not hold my left arm strong again for a few minutes.

Donna Eden demonstrates if someone holds his arm strong, and then she wiggles her hand under his arm near the side of his body (in his aura), his arm loses strength.

In a class I took with Lynne McTaggart, she emphasized that if we, as practitioners, are thinking that our client is really sick, can’t get well, or we are feeling pity towards the client, it will weaken the healing session for that client.

All three of these examples are showing how much influence we have on one another, whether consciously or not.

Today, people are very agitated by the media. There is so much mistrust, negativity, and divisiveness going on, it can feel like trying to swim through thick soup just to be around people.

But, something else I learned is that the strongest energy sways the others. So, that applies to gratitude, compassion, and love too. It means that if I stay grounded, and rooted firmly in gratitude, those around me are going to shift to my vibration, rather than bringing mine down.

You can do the same. Make gratitude a daily practice – not just words, but in your emotions. Feel grateful, even for the little things like flush toilets, hot coffee, and cozy sweatshirts. We’re dang lucky, actually, in thousands of ways. Keep that feeling flowing, and you (and all of us) can become the source of energetic change. And that has an impact.

With love,