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Bring a Practical Reiki 1 & 2 Workshop to YOUR organization!

Practical Reiki will empower you to heal yourself, help others heal, and open the doors to many new opportunities as a holistic practitioner.

Practical Reiki is a user-friendly, simple and strong Reiki modality distinguished by these characteristics:

  • There are no symbols.
  • There are no hand positions. The hands-on treatment involves placing hands on or over the recipient and letting the energy flow where it is needed. Distance healing involves simply intending the energy to go to the recipient, holding the hands facing each other, and letting the energy flow until it stops (usually about 5 minutes).
  • Can easily be combined with any other technique.
  • Ideal for nurses to incorporate into their regular patient care without extra steps, ritual or time.
  • A treatment typically takes about 5 minutes. The energy actually stops flowing when it’s done. The recipient, however, may feel the energy continue for up to an hour.
  • Powerfully experienced by practitioner and recipient alike.

“Alice’s fresh and simplistically powerful approach to teaching and explaining Reiki, has served in confirming so many questions that I innately knew to be true! Practical Reiki is powerful!! … available to anybody who is open to it!!” Sherry Iaffaldano, Practical Reiki student

Hands-on training, practice opportunities, and personal support are integrated throughout this powerful experience! Everyone will become empowered to easily access Reiki energy and integrate it into his or her life. This isn’t a typical Reiki class.

You’ll learn these essentials and more:

  • The heart of Reiki – what’s under the hood – what it is, how it works
  • How your intuition works and how to recognize it in action
  • How to exercise and strengthen your intuition
  • Intention and Attention – the powerhouses of energy work
  • Chakras – why they’re important and how they work
  • Self healing, healing for others, distance healing, clearing a room, relationship healing and Situation/Qualities healing
  • Two attunements are included in the workshop

No matter if you’re new to energy healing, or a seasoned expert, this training will expand your knowledge, strengthen your healing connection, and benefit you personally and professionally.

All participants will receive a Practical Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Certificate at the end of the training.

Suggested Times and agenda:

Evening before: 7-8:30 pm
Demo, social evening, Q&A, open to the public

Day 1: 9am-4pm (lunch break midway)
Introduction, Level 1 instruction & attunement, guided practice

Day 2: 9am-noon
Level 2 attunement, guided practice

I would be happy to offer the class free for up to 10 staff, with 15 or more paid registrations. Or we can discuss a different arrangement if one is more suitable for your venue.

Bring a Practical Reiki workshop led by Alice Langholt to your organization. Fill out the form below or call 240-780-8444.

Facts about Practical Reiki:

  • Practical Reiki for Nurses training has the approval of the Ohio Board of Nursing to offer 8 CEs
  • The text, Practical Reiki for Balance, Well-Being, and Vibrant Health, won 2nd place for Best Reiki Book in the 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards.
  • Articles and interviews about Practical Reiki have been published in Law of Attraction Magazine, Advance for Nurses,, Brain World, Baby Talk, Pittsburgh Parent,’s Autumn Wisdom Series, and on eHealth Radio, among many others.
  • Alice has taught over 600 students Practical Reiki worldwide, and many are now teaching it to others
  • Alice taught Practical Reiki in Lily Dale, NY during the summer seasons of 2012 and 2013.
  • For Nurses (optional addition): This CE activity, OLN-S-1802-16, being offered by The Reiki Awakening Academy has been approved for 8.0 contact hours by the Ohio Board of Nursing through the approver unit at the Ohio League for Nursing (OBN-006- 92) and this program is approved to be offered through February 28, 2018.

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