Metaphysical Mastermind Group

What is Metaphysical Mastermind?

Metaphysical Mastermind is a Membership Program for Serious Seekers and Open-Minded Practitioners interested in cutting-edge, effective techniques and achieving a deep understanding of Holistic and Metaphysical Practice through an experimental approach.

Why Join the Metaphysical Mastermind?

  • You strive to be a leader in your field.
  • You want to be among the first to know about what’s on the forefront of energy healing.
  • You want to be part of a community of holistic and metaphysical practitioners who care deeply about this work and want to represent it in an informed and credible way.
  • You want to explore the depth of this work, in energetic, ethical, and business-oriented ways with like-minded people.
  • You want to show your clients, customers, and students that you are committed to excellence in practice, and ongoing learning. The Metaphysical Mastermind Membership badge is a “badge of honor” that’s well respected in the holistic and metaphysical community.

The energy is moving at an incredible pace. Innovations in energy work, healing, universal consciousness, and more are happening at an unprecedented rate. This group gives you the chance to be introduced to, and try, the newest techniques, discuss the most current and pressing issues, and be leaders of the future of holistic practice.

The Metaphysical Mastermind Membership Group Offers You:

  • Content: 6 live seminars (every other month) plus the recording links for review, monthly newsletters
  • Individual Growth: experiments designed to stretch your abilities and understanding on a personal level
  • Networking opportunities with people to work together in challenge and support of higher understandings.

What are the benefits of being in the Metaphysical Mastermind?

Membership in the Metaphysical Mastermind offers you these members-only benefits:

  • Live bi-monthly Seminars online (admission and recordings available to members only) to:
    ~ Learn about the  newest energy healing and intuition-building techniques and try them together
    ~ Test and evaluate new technology like EEG headsets, Aura Camera, and the HeartMath Inner Balance Connector, to see what practices effect the outcomes ~ Learn what our intentions can do to water, and how that can affect our health and manifesting
    ~ Try techniques to help develop psychic skills such as telepathy
    ~ Report back data and be accountable for group learning together
    ~ Grow personally, professionally, and profoundly.
  • A private Facebook Group set up to help members:
    • Share progress, goals, and challenges
    • Find practice buddies
    • Compare our results
    • Discuss new findings
    • Network and support each other
    • Explore and share new issues, questions, and current events in holistic news.
  • Exclusive Member Discounts:
    • 10% off all purchases and classes
    • RAA Student-rate Liability Insurance (for any holistic practice or massage)
  • The Mastermind bi-monthly Newsletter with:
    • Valuable resources
    • Findings of studies in holistic work
    • Opportunities for members to contribute articles and links to their work
    • Important information (articles, videos, etc.) for practitioners in the modern age of holistic practice – things we need to be aware of in order to really help others, and really understand what’s happening in our country and the world.
  • A Metaphysical Mastermind Membership Badge to display on your website, blog, marketing materials, or anywhere you’d like to showcase it.

Access to online Seminars, the Facebook group and newsletters, plus all Member Benefits will begin upon registration.
Registration for 2020 is now open. There is an application to join. Please fill out the application below, and we will contact you directly within 48 hours.

Who is Leading Metaphysical Mastermind?

Dr. Alice Langholt and Yancey Grantham are leading this new membership group! Together they offer you:

  • Decades of study of metaphysics and how to apply techniques to everyday life
  • Alice’s Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology, and dissertation research project in how gratitude effects the energy field of people and those around them (including in thoughts)
  • Yancey’s decades-long practices in manifesting, remote viewing, meditation, and energy work as an all-day practice
  • Huge amounts of creativity, enthusiasm, and a drive to share it all!

Our three promises:

  • You will be inspired!
  • You will experience your learning!
  • You will grow in personal, professional, and profound ways!

The Metaphysical Mastermind Membership Fee is only $297 per year. After your application is accepted, you will be emailed a link to pay for your membership, followed by your welcome packet.

No Risk – Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the fantastically high quality of our programs, and always strive to over-deliver, but we also understand they might not be for everyone. Therefore, we offer a 3-month money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with this program for any reason. Just email requesting to cancel your membership should you find this program is not meeting your needs. We will refund every penny of your membership fee within the three month window of your joining date.

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