All class meetings are on Sunday evenings from 9-10:30 pm Eastern Time (US).

Section 1: Developing Your Skills:


Oct. 6              Program Intro, Advanced Distance Healing


Oct. 20            Energy Anatomy: Auras, chakras, meridians (How to experience them with our own senses)


Nov. 3             Intuitive Guidance: stones, cards, channeling, pendulums


Nov. 17           Non-Duality, Collective Consciousness, Love, and Understanding Healing in Relation to All of These


Dec. 1             Energy Ethics


Dec. 15          Manifesting Every Goal – Simple & Powerful Techniques


Jan. 5             EFT – how to do it, and why it works


Section 2: Developing Your Practice


Jan. 19           The Business of Healing  – Creating a Success from Your Sacred Work


Feb. 2             Giving a session – card readings, intuitive counseling, and working with clients


Feb. 16           When to Stop, Refer, or Refuse a Client


Section 3: Metaphysical Understandings and Practical Applications


Mar. 1             Working with Angels, Guides, and Ancestors


Mar. 15           Coaching Session – YOUR Progress, Challenges, and Goals


Apr. 5               Understanding the Differences and Representing Our Place – Prayer, Healing, Affirmations


Apr. 19            Energetic Protection: Cord cutting and other powerful techniques


May 3              Understanding the Body’s responses to Healing – Coherence and Measuring with technology


May 17           Paradigm Shifts and the Public – Dealing with Skeptics, Naysayers, and practitioners teetering on the edge of ungrounded


June 7             Continuing from here – bringing it all together and taking it to the next level


June 21          Culmination, Evaluations, Program Graduation