Learn Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing method for stress relief, pain relief, and better health. It works for everyone, and is simple to learn, and yours for a lifetime.

We offer online Reiki training in three different methods.

Practical Reiki

An “unplugged” energy healing method which doesn’t require hand positions, symbols, or rituals. The training gets you recognizing and using your intuition, which opens the doors to many new experiences beyond Reiki as well. Strong enough to stand alone, and inspiring enough to serve as a strong beginning, Practical Reiki is for anyone from novice to experienced energy worker. In addition, this course is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing to offer 8 Continuing Education hours.

Power Reiki

A method designed for those who are already familiar with a Reiki healing method. This is particularly effective for helping those who suffer from chronic pain and ongoing conditions. Add it to your practice easily with this online training.

Beyond Reiki: the next step

Using this exciting, revolutionary new technique, you can practice any healing modality in incredible power. Blend it into any healing -you do: Reiki, Chios, angel touch, quantum touch,: golden light, rays  and the others.

Simple to learn, this technique will bring your healing into the fourth and fifth dimension. Both you and your clients will notice the difference.  Good for professional as well as personal use.

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