RAA Hospice Companion Certification

This course benefits those who are volunteering or working in a hospice setting, or caring for a dying loved one because it:

  • Teaches you what to expect in clear terms
  • Helps you know how to comfort the dying patient
  • Tells you clearly what to do to be of the most support in this, often difficult, situation
  • Prepares you with compassionate responses to each stage of the dying process.

This Hospice Companion Certification course is a 4-class Certification Program that offers you a Hospice Companion Certificate upon completion. You can show this certificate to any hospice, hospital, or health care organization, to prove your commitment to the special learning that this program offers, which prepared you to be of service.

Life is a sacred journey about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, vision, expansion of the possible, soul stretching, seeing deeply and clearly and intuitively, and taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. So is death! Since we will not live in this body forever, death cannot be “fixed” and mostly “we are just walking each other home” (Ram Dass). A companion along the way eases the process.

Hospice Companion provides non-medical holistic services accompanying  and “vigiling” a dying person to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death and support their loved ones.  Hospice Companions come from all walks of life – kind and loving people who accept “death as the final stage of growth” (Elizabeth Kubler Ross), have an interest in healing/energy work, are willing to explore their own feelings, experiences and understanding of psychosocial issues and who can be “present”.

This Certification Program was developed for those who are volunteering or working in a hospice setting, who work as caregivers, or who are caring for a loved one who is dying. It is extremely valuable as a source of support and information to anyone in these situations. 

Death as Healing

The opportunity to explore the concept of death as healing, including the physical, emotional, sociological and spiritual aspects. Learn the Despacho ritual and other rituals that ease pain, calm breathing, warm the soul and soothe the spirit with prayer, music and blessings. Demonstrate familiarity with Malm’s Theories for Caring for the
Dying and experience “Creating an End of Life Plan.”

Stages of Dying

This section discusses the 3 phases of dying (pre active, active and post death) and the associated changes and the effects of the withdrawal of the four elemental stages (earth, water, fire and air), understanding the acceptance of mortality and how to facilitate it, and the use of “Going on a Journey” Meditations.

When Words Fail You

This class identifies the needs of affirmation, reconciliation, and

transcendence as life becomes severely limited. The class maintains and de-mystifies the myths about communication with a person who is dying. The creation and conservation of the art and science of an emphatic presence is explored. The student will have a stable foundation from which to be a healing presence for the person who is in the dying process.


Learn to recognize the skills of “vigiling” that honor the person’s experiences and nurtures their soul with love and attention as practiced in a variety of cultures, including the techniques involved in creating sacred space and the cornerstone concepts of “sitting vigil.”

Students may sign up for the complete series, or take the classes individually. Students who complete all four classes in the series and turn in an evaluation will receive the Hospice Companion Certificate. 

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This series is taught by Cara Seekings, RN, MS, who is a RN Thanatologist with Hospice Chautauqua County. Her 4 decades of employment in Human Services, Nursing, Health Psychology and Thanatology have fostered a wide variety of experience. She is a certified EPEC Trainer, NYS Mediator/Arbitrator, Hypnotherapist, Practical Reiki Instructor and MOLST Trainer.

A long time advocate, Ms. Seekings has served in local, regional and state professional organizations and continues to serve on several Community Boards and committees.

Her honors include NYS Nurse of Distinction Award, Who’s Who in American Nursing and Educator of the Year Awards.

She’s also an Evidential and Direct Medium who served in Lily Dale, NY for many years.

We are so confident that you will find this course valuable, that RAA offers a money back guarantee if, for any reason, you are less than completely satisfied with the content of this program.

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