Lightworkers Intensive Program

With Alice Langholt (online)

Thank you for your interest in the Lightworkers Intensive Program!

With only 6 spots available to keep this group small, focused and intimate, it’s an incredibly supportive, high-growth opportunity offered over the span of 9 months!


  • Do you see pain in the world and seek ways to bring relief to the suffering?
  • Do you feel a deep, soulful calling to help others, possibly to specifically support a loved one that is suffering?
  • Have you experienced a powerful and transformative personal contact with alternative healing that has ignited an interest in bringing this gift to others
  • Are you fascinated by alternative ways to heal and relax the body?
  • Do you feel you have an ability to heal others, but aren’t sure how to develop this gift?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are likely feeling the call of the healer, the soulful motivation to become a Lightworker so that you can bring support, relief and calm to the world.

We invite you to consider the Lightworkers Intensive, a 9-month training program that will provide the support you need to discover, develop and nurture your individual healing gifts,

The Lightworkers Intensive is unlike any other training. It is specifically designed to provide an intimate, highly-individualized approach to learning for a select group of only six individuals. This program is for the student who desires a warm and comfortable learning environment and yearns for focused, individual guidance.

The Lightworkers Intensive offers you…

  • a comprehensive understanding of Holistic Healing
  • hands-on exploration of the key modalities used today
  • advanced training beyond Practical Reiki
  • comprehensive training in intuitive guidance
  • experience in reading cards, stones and pendulums
  • examination of channeling and manifestation including guides, angels and flow
  • a proven approach to abundance and how it is generated
  • guidance in Energetic Protection for healing providers
  • discussions of the ethical challenges faced by many healers and how to deal with them
  • an understanding of the business of healing and healing careers

Imagine learning in an intimate setting with a small group of fellow students, discovering together and appreciating each other’s strengths and skills as you watch each other grow.

Now, visualize yourself receiving  personalized, one-on-one coaching towards your own specific goals. You progress, fully supported, from where you are, to Practitioner, and to Master Teacher, feeling yourself become a confident and successful holistic professional.

This is what the Lightworkers Intensive is all about.


The Lightworkers Intensive is offered online, from the convenience of your computer, with Alice Langholt

The current program began in October 2019 and completes in June, 2020.

The Lightworkers Intensive is limited to six (6) students.

This program has been very helpful in prompting me to become open to other avenues of light work. The Reiki module is extremely beneficial and proves how guided life-force energy works, and allows the novice–as well as experienced practitioner–to gain confidence through class interactions and exercises. Additionally, I’ve gained so much through resources that are provided in the class which will help me move my business forward. This class is truly well rounded in that it provides the learner with everything from practicing spiritual tools to planning a business strategy to having a business coach who is so entirely motivational that even someone like me who goes to bed early on Sunday found it easy to stay awake! The Lightworkers Intensive Program has helped me gain confidence especially in my readings. I’ve learned that I love doing readings in person so I can have a more comfortable social interaction with the person I am reading for. I feel I’ve found a blessing I can offer to my clients and know they feel delighted and loved when leaving me. That is a confidence I gained through class – especially since I started using the Deck of 1000 Spreads to assist in layout AND I work with my client to layout exactly what they want to know. I also learned the importance of asking the Universe, Angels, God for the right clients to come to me – the clients who need my gifts.And beyond that, the class setting is also very helpful because team members provide additional support, cheering on each other to embrace their gifts. BUT the most important thing I learned through The Lightworkers Intensive was that we are all running our own race! The pace is yours……in your own time…on your own plan. Alice does a tremendous job coaching others to success. The program is invaluable. 
– Karen McHugh, Lightworkers Intensive Student Grad

The Syllabus for the Lightworkers Intensive Program  is here.

Benefits of being in this program include:

Program specifics:

  • Class size is limited to 6.
  • This program meets approximately twice per month, and includes lecture and practicum in every lesson.
  • Each student receives individual Mentoring to accelerate your progress and overcome your challenges.
  • All texts and materials are included in the course fee!

Students completing the program receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Energy Healing and may be invited to teach for Reiki Awakening Academy.

Section 1: Developing Your Skills

  • Practical Reiki -Advanced (Contact us if you haven’t been trained in Practical Reiki)
  • Advanced techniques for healing (animals, children, manifesting)
  • Advanced Intuitive Scanning
  • Advanced Distance Healing
  • Energy Anatomy: Auras, Chakras, Meridians
  • Intuitive Guidance: stones, cards, channeling, pendulums, etc.
  • Energetic Protection
  • Energy Ethics

Section 2: Developing Your Practice

  • The Business of Healing 101, 201 & 301 (covers everything from starting a blog to hanging your shingle)
  • Working with clients – structuring your session, applying your practice to your business, red flags and green lights
  • Manifesting Every Goal – Simple & Powerful Techniques

Section 3: Metaphysical Understandings and Practical Applications

  • Working with Angels, Guides, and Ancestors
  • Understanding the Differences and Representing Our Place – Prayer, Healing, Affirmations
  • Cord cutting and other powerful techniques
  • Paradigm Shifts and the Public – Dealing with Skeptics, Naysayers, and practitioners teetering on the edge of ungrounded

Graduates of the program will be awarded an official certificate as a graduate of the RAA Lightworkers Intensive. Graduates of the Lightworkers Intensive Program may apply to teach for RAA.


Dr. Alice Langholt has been a practicing Lightworker for 12 years. She has worked with hundreds of clients and taught students like you various healing modalities and nurtured them to achieve powerful intuitive growth. Her life-path is healing and she embraces her gifts as a teacher to share her journey and wisdom with others drawn to the path of a Lightworker. (Learn more about Alice on the Teachers Page).

I’m confident that the Lightworkers Intensive Program will be the beginning of one of your greatest life journeys.  

Registration is now open!!

The Lightworkers Intensive is an economical and sound investment in YOU. Taken separately, these courses plus individual mentoring sessions would be over $2500. The fee for the RAA Lightworkers Intensive is only $1800 (save $150 when paid in full up front), or choose either 3 quarterly payments of $650, or 9 monthly payments of $247.

The current program is in session, and closed. To be put on a wait list for 2020, please contact us.

ALL books and materials are included in the fee for the program.

The Lightworkers Intensive has been such an asset to me.  I’m not sure why I didn’t take it sooner.  Alice’s patience and my interaction with other members of the class have given me the confidence I need to trust my intuition.  I also learned the importance of energetic protection and keeping myself grounded.  Whether I’m using Reiki or doing a reading, I’m now able to keep other people’s “stuff” from affecting me.  

-Margaret Hanczrik, Lightworkers Intensive Student Grad.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Lightworkers Intensive in October 2019! Incredible growth is about to happen for you!

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