Intuitive Counseling Certification Program

  • Are you a holistic practitioner or metaphysical (psychic/ card reader/ intuitive) who wants to be able to offer guidance to your clients on a formal level?
  • Do you wish to learn what it takes to earn the title Intuitive Counselor and receive a formal certificate to signify your credentials?
  • Do you know that you have the ability to give useful and meaningful guidance, but need the training to be confident offering services to clients professionally?

If so, this program was designed especially for you.

This course series will give you the specific tools and practices you need to offer Intuitive Counseling sessions to clients.

Different from Life Coaching, Intuitive Counseling involves the Counselor utilizing intuitive and metaphysical tools to receive guidance that is useful for the client, and help to create a clear process for the client to follow for achieving his or her short and long term goals. 

The comprehensive course meets online four times for 90 minutes each, and includes clear instruction in:

  • Understanding the Needs of the Client
  • The Role of the Intuitive Counselor
  • Creating a Safe Space
  • Listening Techniques
  • Beginning Questions
  • Tips to Guide Your Session
  • Observing Intuitively as You Listen
  • Getting More Information
  • Determining Focus for the Session
  • What Primary Need will this session address?
  • Bringing Client on Board – Identifying and Agreeing on this Session’s Goals
  • Getting Guidance
  • Choosing your tool(s)
  • Interpreting the guidance
  • Verifying guidance if needed
  • Creating a Plan
  • Setting Goals
  • Actions for the client to take from here
  • Next Steps

Also included are:

  • the complete manual developed and used for this program as an ebook for your review
  • Client Intake and Session Notes Form that can be printed and used for your professional sessions

Students completing this training will receive a Certificate of Intuitive Counseling Certification and recommended listing on the Reiki Awakening Academy website.

Questions? Email Alice Langholt, course instructor at

We are confident that you’ll find this course useful. RAA offers a money back guarantee if, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with this certification course.

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