Interactive Imagery Certification Program

Interactive imagery is a form of focused relaxation that helps enhance a mind-body-spirit healing approach that assists the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disharmony. It is a way of working with energy to provide a powerful psychological strategy that enhances coping skills.

Imagery involves all the senses, as well as one’s whole body and emotions. It is a way of viewing ideas, feelings, experiences and interpretations, that uses words and images to help move  attention away from the worry, stress and pain and brings the natural powers of the mind into health and healing. The body reacts the same whether we are actually experiencing something or just imagining something.

Energy workers can integrate Interactive Imagery into their practice to help clients navigate their lives more easily and confidently with improved health and well-being.

Research shows that Interactive Imagery can give a person a greater sense of control, increase self-confidence, assist with fear, panic, anxiety, helplessness, uncertainty, trauma, loss, and grief, increase relaxation, decrease depression, decrease stress, decrease pain, decrease nausea, decrease blood pressure, decrease respiratory difficulties, decrease medication side effects, balance hormones, improve immune system, improve healing and recovery time, and sharpen memory.

Interactive Imagery enhances sleep, strengthens connection to spirituality, meaning, and purpose in life, improves functional outcomes, optimize performance and improve quality of life.

Becoming certified as an Interactive Imagery Guide will give you the knowledge and confidence to add Interactive Imagery to your client services.


  1. Class 1 : Imagery Basics
    Students will learn to:

    • Define Interactive Imagery and its impact for patients/clients
    • Differentiate between meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery
    • Describe the major uses and contraindications of Interactive Imagery
  2. Class 2 : Techniques of Interactive Imagery
    Students will learn to:

    • Recognize and classify the three principles of Interactive Imagery
    • Identify the 4 stages of Interactive Imagery and their purpose.
    • Experience Interactive Imagery Induction.
  3. Class 3 :  Interactive Imagery Design Methods
    Students will learn to:

    • Demonstrate and give examples of the 8 kinds of contents.
    • Distinguish between Association and Disassociation induction.
    • Illustrate both scripted and free form visualization.
  4. Class 4 :  Interactive Imagery Creation
    Students will learn:

    • Hands on/ mind on development of an Interactive Imagery

Students completing this program will receive an Interactive Imagery Guide Certificate and professional listing on the Reiki Awakening Academy website.

Prerequisites : none
Materials : provided
Cost : $250

This series is taught by Cara Seekings, RN, MS, who is a RN Thanatologist with Hospice Chautauqua County. Her 4 decades of employment in Human Services, Nursing, Health Psychology and Thanatology have fostered a wide variety of experience. She is a certified EPEC Trainer, NYS Mediator/Arbitrator, Hypnotherapist, Practical Reiki Instructor and MOLST Trainer.

A long time advocate, Ms. Seekings has served in local, regional and state professional organizations and continues to serve on several Community Boards and committees.

Her honors include NYS Nurse of Distinction Award, Who’s Who in American Nursing and Educator of the Year Awards.

She’s also an Evidential and Direct Medium who served in Lily Dale, NY for many years.

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