Crystal Healer Certification Program

Crystals are beautiful and have an energy all of their own. Through the ages they have been used for magic, for healing, for prosperity for attracting love and more.

Even in this modern age, crystals are used extensively in the metaphysical community, alternative health segment and some cultures to enhance the life style of individuals, as well as whole communities.

They can be used alone or in combination with other modalities such as color, aromatherapy, Feng Shui , to attain & maintain a well-rounded health balance.

This 6 hour (3 part) professional level certification course will train you to use crystals with confidence and knowledge in your holistic practice. A Crystal Healing Practitioner Certificate will be awarded for completion of the class series.

Part One will cover:


  • Choosing
  • Care of
  • Storage of
  • Cleansing, attuning, programming, un-programming
  • The 3 universal crystals
  • Finding crystal power points
  • Buying Crystals (sources & scams)

Part 2 will cover:

  • Chakra balancing using crystals
  • Body & emotional healing using crystals
  • Identifying strong crystal points
  • Various crystals layouts will be presented
  • How to make your own crystal layout will be discussed
  • How to know if your layout is the best lay out it can be.

Part 3 includes

  • Quartz crystals –108 varieties found in nature, man made
  • How to make and use crystal elixir waters
  • Crystal grids
  • Distance healing with crystals
  • “Layered healing” with crystals
  • Crystals for situational healing
  • Crystal healing for animals /pets
  • Crystal healing for plants

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