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The Two Best Ways to Protect Your Health

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re probably thinking about ways to stay healthy. Masks? Vitamins? Storing food for a quarantine? Canceling travel? Buying gallons of hand sanitizer? Let’s take a breath.  The best defense against illness is having a strong immune system. (And second best is washing your hands – of course.) Here’s […]

Managing a Reiki Practice by the Reiki Healing Principles

Managing a Reiki Practice by the Reiki Healing Principles by Rickie Meryl Freedman Preparing for my Workshop “From Passion to Profession – YES You Can!”, I finally counted and was amazed to discovered that I share almost 1000 Reiki Sessions a year not including events, classes, workshops, and fundraisers! I am Blessed to have created […]

The Truth About Sensitives

The Truth About Sensitives By Jennafer Martin While everyone is capable of empathy–if you stub your toe, then you can can empathize with someone who stubs theirs–not everyone is an empath, or highly sensitive person (HSP). People with these natures can empathize even when they haven’t experienced what you have. Read on to sort through […]

Are You Curious?

Dear Healers and Seekers, I’m still buzzing from my time at SAND. In fact… I’ve had a few eyebrow-raising electronic blowouts happening around me lately too. My digital picture frame in my office, which displays pictures of weddings I’ve officiated, had a complete crash of the video card about 5 minutes after I walked into […]

Is it Possible to be Aware of Awareness?

Dear Healers and Seekers, I’m back from SAND (Science and Nonduality Conference) in San Jose, California! I’m a little tan and a lot inspired! Such amazing workshops, lectures, and people were there! Over 1,000 attendees. Woah. My poster presentation went well and I even had the chance to show it to Rollin McCraty, head of […]

I’m going to SAND!

Dear Healers and Seekers, I’m so excited! After I got my Ph.D., I asked myself, “What does someone with a doctorate do with it?” Teach – Check! I’m already teaching, and even teaching college as an adjunct professor at Montgomery College. Write – Check! I’m writing new books and courses on an ongoing basis. Speak […]

We’re All Connected

Dear Healers and Seekers, Throughout my ongoing studies, the deeper I get into studying healing and consciousness, whatever the source (EFT training, reading Lynne McTaggart’s books, or watching videos about various healing modalities), one theme keeps coming back repeatedly. That theme is that we are all connected. A friend who does a type of physical […]

Announcing, the Metaphysical Mastermind!

I’m excited to share with you that the Advanced Healing Pioneers Membership Group is going to be replaced by something more experimental for 2020, the Metaphysical Mastermind membership group! Nice name, right? 😀 Led by Alice and Yancey Grantham, seminars will focus on actual experiments we’ll do together to expand our understanding of the effects of our […]

10 Essential Things that Energy Healers Must Know Today

10 Things Energy Healers Absolutely Must Know Today Are you working with energy healing? Perhaps you offer Reiki, or you work with a different method, such as Quantum-Touch, Energy Medicine, or something different. Regardless of whether you’re offering healing to yourself, family and friends, or as a profession, this list has 10 essentials about this […]