What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique for stress reduction, pain relief, and better health. Anyone can learn it and use it to help oneself or others.

Why should I learn about Reiki?

A Reiki practitioner is able to give Reiki to oneself or others to enhance restful sleep and healing for body, mind, soul and spirit. Reiki brings a heightened sense of well-being, release of painful muscle tension and relief from anxiety and depression. Regular Reiki sessions can help restore immune function and improve circulation, enhancing healing throughout your body.

Why Reiki Awakening Academy?

  • We offer live classes with experts who are highly skilled master teachers.
  • We offer classes in energy healing, the metaphysical arts, and how to put it all together into a business if you so desire.
  • You can learn from home or wherever you have internet access. Join us with webcam, mic, or just chat.
  • Our teachers offer ongoing support.
  • All classes you take are recorded for you to review any time.
  • Students are invited to interact as part of a community that meets on Facebook.

Do I need to take a certain number of classes?

Register for the Academy and sign up for as many courses as you would like. Some are several sessions, and some are one night workshops.

Where do classes meet?

Online classes meet via Zoom, an online classroom website. All who register for courses will be emailed a link to enter the course on the scheduled date and time. Please note: all class times listed are in Eastern Time. You can use a time zone converter here. When you register, you can add the class to your calendar in your own time zone. Local classes meet at our Ohio or DC Metro branches, as indicated.

Can I take any courses that interest me or do I have to follow a “track”?

Learn at your own pace! All courses and workshops are a la carte, although some have prerequisites. Students are responsible for ordering any needed materials listed on the class page.

What if I can’t make the time/date of a class but still want to attend?

Some courses may be available for independent study by watching the video of a recorded class and completing the required assignment.

How will I know if a class is cancelled?

If, for any reason, a class is cancelled or rescheduled, students will be notified by email before the class, and will receive a full refund of registration fees paid for that class.

Are credits/transcripts/CEUs available?

Certificates of completion and transcripts are available after classes are complete. CEUs may be offered for individual classes.

What are some other benefits of taking classes with The Reiki Awakening Academy?

Students who have completed the Lightworkers Intensive Certification Program, Intuitive Counseling Certification Program, or Practical Reiki Instructor Certification have the option to have a recommended listing on the Reiki Awakening Academy website and may be invited to be teachers for The Reiki Awakening Academy.

How do I apply to teach for The Reiki Awakening Academy?

We welcome new teachers! Learn how to apply to teach for RAA here.

Independent Study

Why choose recorded classes?

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take a class live, and you want to view the recorded class whenever is best for you, this is the perfect option.

What advantage is there to recorded classes?

  • Recorded classes can be watched and reviewed as many times as desired from the easy access link you receive upon purchase.
  • Recorded classes are $10 less than live classes.

Where do I find the recorded classes?

Click here!

How will I receive materials needed for classes?

When you register, you will also receive by email any materials provided with the class. (You will also be able to order any additional materials needed using the links on the registration page).

Are certificates of completion available for recorded classes?

Yes! If you’d like to receive a certificate of completion, simply complete any required follow-up assignment from the class (if applicable), and submit it by email it to the teacher.

What if I have a question about something taught in the class I viewed?

Whether live or viewing a recording, you’re a RAA student! Our teachers are there to provide support, answer questions, and interact with you by email, just as they are for all of the students who attend live.

How long will I have access to a recorded class for which I registered?

Your online access to the recording is active through the current school year, and it will enable you to watch the class as many times as you’d like.

Why aren’t all classes available recorded?

Some of our classes are specific and personalized classes that simply must be taken live to fully benefit the student. The list will grow as the year continues!

What if I want to take a class but know I can’t be there live, or I miss a class I had registered to take live?

That’s what recorded classes are for! Whether you register for a class before it’s held, or after it has concluded, you will be able to watch the recording. Either way, register and you’ll have access to the live class or replay, as you choose.

Is it possible to take classes that offer attunements by watching the recording?

For classes that include attunements, such as Practical Reiki, attunements will be arranged by distance via email with the teacher after you have viewed the class. You receive complete email support and guidance through the process of your remote learning, and beyond.

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