Dear Healers and Seekers,

The Fall is coming, and with it is the new session of the exclusive nine month intensive training called The Lightworkers Intensive Program. This program is by application only, and only six students are accepted per year. These students will embark on a journey together in a tight-knit, intensive setting deisgned for powerful support throughout the many opportunities to grow intuition and healing that are ingrained in the program.

The six students work closely with each other, trying new techniques in a practicum setting, getting to know each other well, and helping each other thrive. The program is in an atmosphere of deep caring, acceptance, and reflection as everyone steps outside of their norm to discover and hone new metaphysical and holistic abilities that emerge throughout this journey together.

Are you called? Registration will open first to those on the VIP list, and then any remaining spots will be open after. The program begins in October. VIP registration will be sent to those on the list this week. Public registration will open by September 20.

Do you want to know more? This link takes you to the description page.

Do you want to decide if this program is for you? Sign up below for three 20 minute videos of the program’s highlights.

I know that this program isn’t for everyone. It’s important to me that those who are interested know that they’re ready. That’s why I made the video series. Please have a look. You‘ll know if you belong in the program.

Once the program is filled, a waiting list will be created for next year.

With pride in you,

Dear Healers and Seekers,

Since Connie has retired, we have spaces on our calendar for new teachers presenting new classes! It’s time to grow the RAA teacher list! Are you interested in joining us?

RAA teachers enjoy:

  • Getting their classes in front of a group of interested students on the RAA website
  • Promotion in the weekly RAA newsletter
  • Payment based on student registration
  • The chance to offer multiple classes on multiple dates
  • The opportunity to offer your recorded classes for sale on the RAA website
  • Use of the RAA Zoom account for teaching in a stable online format
  • Your bio on the RAA teacher website
  • Being part of a respected group of peers who offer the best holistic and metaphysical content on the web!

If you are an experienced teacher with holistic or metaphysical content to share, here’s what to do next:

  1. Look at our Upcoming Classes to make sure that your idea doesn’t duplicate something we’re already offering.
  2. Write up a course description that includes what your class is about and at least three things the student will gain from taking your class.
  3. Repeat #1 and #2 for anything you’d like to teach for us.
  4. Write up your bio – include your training and teaching experience, and a photo of you.
  5. Email the above to Alice. (alice(d0t)langholt(at)

I’ll get back to you to set up a time to discuss your ideas and move forward.

Excited to see what you’ve got to offer!