10 Things Energy Healers Absolutely Must Know Today

Are you working with energy healing? Perhaps you offer Reiki, or you work with a different method, such as Quantum-Touch, Energy Medicine, or something different. Regardless of whether you’re offering healing to yourself, family and friends, or as a profession, this list has 10 essentials about this incredibly diverse holistic field. This Guide is meant to help you open your mind to the greater concepts of what you’re doing, and express what’s essential to know about energy healing.


  1. Energy Healers are Facilitators of the healing process. We are not “doing” anything to the recipient; rather, we are offering an energy frequency that the recipient can come into resonance with, which will affect healing. This frequency is available to us because we are attuned to it. We came into resonance with this frequency, and now we are able to offer this to others.
  2. The energy we offer comes through us, not from us. It is not our energy – it is energy that we are capable of resonating, as a guitar string that has been plucked and then others nearby start to also vibrate. Through intention, we are offering a resonant healing vibration that affects the bioenergy field of the recipient, encouraging a balancing effect on the emotions, body, and spirit.
  3. Permission matters. The recipient must be open, on some level, to accepting this frequency in order for the benefits to occur. Free will always rules. We do not control the outcome; the energy will be used by the recipient in the ways in which it is accepted by him or her. It is not our choice, nor can we control how the energy will affect the recipient, unless we are doing self-healing.
  4. The “right method” is subjective. There’s no one “right” or “best” method of energy healing for everyone. We are individuals, with individual intuitive strengths, gifts, and preferences. Having a choice, and cultivating the tools which work best for us, is a journey, a process, and a way of tuning in to our own growth. It’s not about amassing as many tools as possible; it’s about developing our strengths in order to do the best work of which we are capable. The journey is not one with an end point, rather a continual growth and learning process. Find what feels best and is most comfortable for you to use, and develop it through mindful practice. Let others do the same without judgment. If we’re all engaged in offering our intuitive and healing gifts to the best of our abilities, that’s good for everyone.


  1. With intuitive growth comes spiritual development. As one develops a mindful practice, it is “par for the course” that one fills with gratitude for being connected with all life and this life force energy that is capable of so much healing. Allow that gratitude to flood your being, and change the way you see the world, other people, and your life. Daily connection with this energy can infuse you with Grace – and you’ll start living that way in your thoughts, words, and actions. Take time to consider the way this feels to you. Blog, journal, connect with others, and express your thoughts and feelings. You’ll find that there are many others on this journey with you.
  2. It all starts with connection. Whether you meditate, engage in yoga, repetitive exercise, journal, or find some other way to quiet the intellectual mind and tune into the intuitive mind, you are connecting to the ever present flow of life force energy. This energy is guided by intention, which is the same basic energy for manifesting, and creating change. In this space of awareness, we are able to affect change for ourselves and extend healing energy to others. The more this connection is cultivated, the more we are aware of the great power that is within us.
  3. We have help. Regardless of religious traditions of our upbringing, healing work is not done alone. There are spiritual helpers, guides, and angels, among others, who are available and helping every time. Try asking for help and see how your awareness can expand to sense their presence. Offer a quick thought or prayer of thanks for their assistance. The most powerful healing work is never done by one person alone. Nurture this connection by simply asking, and you’ll find immense support is constantly with you.
  4. Do the work. Others may doubt you, they may not believe in what you’re doing, or they may even shun you for sharing. They are on their own path, with their own lessons, which are not yours. Do not own negativity that isn’t yours. Don’t get into defensive arguments, or try to “prove” the reality of energy work to those who aren’t interested in dialogue. There are plenty of people who want and need your help. Give your attention to them. Keep doing the work with quiet confidence and the results will speak for themselves.
  5. Use your intuition. We may be presented with challenges that encourage us to consider where our boundaries lie regarding issues such as ego, delusion, and open-mindedness. Keep a perspective that’s grounded in experience, be willing to try new ideas and discuss things you question. Know that some people’s beliefs are outside of your boundaries. Trust your intuition in deciding where your boundaries are, while keeping an open mind in case your experience brings a shift.
  6. Ethics matter. Although we are not regulated by a state or federal body, it’s up to us to do our work within ethical and moral boundaries. This helps to create respect for the work, while protecting those we are here to help. Learn to speak clearly about what you do, to respect the work you are doing and those you serve, and to be a model for those who have yet to learn about energy work. We represent practitioners of energy healing, and the more we own this work credibly, the more it will help the work gain acceptance. The more this work gains acceptance, the more we have the opportunity to help make the world a better place for having been here.



About the author:

Alice Langholt is a Reiki Master Teacher, author, and the Executive Director of Reiki Awakening Academy School of Intuitive Development. Her book, Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health, won second place for Best Reiki Book in the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards. Alice teaches Reiki and intuitive subjects online and in the Washington, DC area. Connect with Alice on Facebook at Reiki Awakening Academy, and on Twitter as @ReikiAwakening. You can also know more about her work at AliceLangholt.com.

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