Who Are You, and Why Have You Become So Strange?

Dear Healers and Seekers,

Over the holidays, I noticed many of my Facebook friends posting about differences in opinion with friends and family members, whether over politics, life choices, or differences in spiritual path. Conflicts and tension were happening.

It seems timely to release this ebook, Who Are You, and Why Have You Become So Strange? How to deal with questions from skeptics, naysayers, and ourselves when we become more intuitive, spiritual, or both. 

This is the same content I teach in my popular class by the same name, consolidated into convenient ebook form. It’s book three in the a new ebook series that Connie and I are creating, called Reiki Awakening Academy Insights.

This ebook is intended to try to help the readers gain perspective on their beliefs in relation to their own past, themselves in relation to the beliefs and expectations of friends and family, and provide tools to use when conflicts arise.

It’s available now on Amazon.com and other digital online retailers. But, if you would like a free copy, see below! 


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When the ELF Emmit Brainwave Sync Headset came on Indegogo, I backed it, and I received mine about a month ago. I tested that thing – it’s pretty awesome. I feel that it’s easier to meditate, relax, de-stress, and even focus when I have it running. So, I’m a fan.

Last week, they posted a raffle, and I entered. And – I WON another one! Sweet!

But I already have one. So, I decided to raffle off the new one.

I asked myself what I really want for the holidays (or my birthday today, hey, that counts)? I know. I would love my books to get more reviews on Amazon.com.

Ready for a win-win? 

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Thank you and good luck!


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