ASL Interpreted Practical Reiki Independent Study - Level 1


Learn this simple, powerful Reiki method online, with ASL Interpretation!

Practical Reiki will empower you to heal yourself, help others heal, and open the doors to many new opportunities as a holistic practitioner.

Practical Reiki is a user-friendly, simple and strong Reiki modality distinguished by these characteristics:

  • There are no symbols.
  • There are no hand positions. The hands-on treatment involves placing hands on the shoulders of the recipient and letting the energy flow where it is needed. Distance channeling involves simply intending the energy to go to the recipient, holding the hands facing each other, and letting the energy flow until it stops.
  • The energy flows from the earth up, combining with Reiki energy from above through the crown chakra and flows out through the hands.
  • Giving attunements is a simple matter of intending that the recipient receive the attunement when ready.
  • A treatment typically takes about 5 minutes. The energy actually stops flowing when it’s done. The recipient, however, may feel the energy continue for up to an hour.

Learn Practical Reiki online with the founder of the system, Alice Langholt, Reiki Master Teacher. View the recordings of the live classes as taught in a web classroom format. These recordings were prepared especially for the Deaf Community, with ASL Interpretation by Certified ASL Interpreters. They are streaming videos, so internet is needed for viewing. An access link will be provided to enrolled students.

Practical Reiki Level 1 includes:

  • Self Healing
  • Healing for another person - in person
  • Distance healing - 3 ways to do this
  • Cleansing a room
  • Relationship Healing (Karmic Bands)
  • Situation/Qualities Healing
  • The Level 1 Attunement will be given by distance, arranged by email personally with Alice Langholt
  • Lifetime support for every student (ALWAYS!)

Prerequisites & materials:  You need to purchase the Practical Reiki book and Practical Reiki Companion Workbook (click here to add to your cart)This special book package deal includes the ASL Interpreted Introduction Video, which you should view before this class. The books will be sent via USPS. Please allow up to 5 days to receive. (If you ordered, but don't have the books in hand before class, go ahead and watch the Introduction video and you'll be ready for class).


Optional: Purchase the full ASL Interpreted Practical Reiki Series, which includes 4 instruction videos, personal email mentoring, and attunements through Master level arranged with you personally by Alice Langholt.

After completing the full course, you will be empowered to teach and attune others as a Practical ReikiTMMaster

With the full Practical Reiki Series, you’ll receive:

  • Access to 4 ASL interpreted class recordings, each given as you are ready 
  • Personal Reiki mentoring for life by Alice Langholt, Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Practical Reiki
  • Attunements to all 3 levels of Practical Reiki (through Master level) arranged via email with Alice Langholt
  • Complete personal email support and guidance – I’m here to answer questions and am always happy to hear about your experiences.
  • A certificate with your name and the date of your Master Level Attunement in pdf format at completion of the course

Materials needed: Practical ReikiTM for balance, well-being, and vibrant health and The Practical Reiki Companion workbook. <---Click title for the package deal. Available in our store, or on This package deal now includes the Introduction Video with ASL Interpretation. 

ASL Interpretation provided by: Jamie Whitbread, CI; NIC Advanced and Nicole R Reynolds, NIC


Note: After purchase, you will receive a personal email from Alice Langholt with your first videos and instruction for getting started. 

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What our Students say

  • This class had a lot of coooool information. This is a great introductory class. So glad I decided to take it! I learned Cleansing, Meridians, how to Find Chakras. I love that there is a place like this where I can learn about things I may not typically look for locally.

    Nicole Kimiko
  • I liked that you could feel Connie’s deepest sincerity in giving the rites. I felt a real part of the ceremony and not just like an observer. There was real power in the class. I learned that there is more to learn and to be open to new experiences.

    Susan Pendleton
  • I liked the flow of the class. The presentation was great. I learned that I want to take the “whole” course… I liked the sneak peeks of the advanced techniques. As an Intro class… it was well done. I can’t think of a way to improve on what was related.

    Jody L. Blackwell
  • “Stephanie’s class was brilliant! It broadened my understanding of the many aspects of meditation and tools that can be used to aid in meditation. The most important thing I learned was that you can fill a library full of books on the information out there about meditation, self-healing through intention, mantras, etc, and you still probably would not have all the information. Part of this is because meditation is such a powerful yet personal action. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that feels they are not meditating properly but want to learn how to be better at it, or just want to learn more about it. The techniques are very simple and user-friendly.”

    Amber Tate
  • I appreciated Connie’s down-to-earth style and sharing more of her personal stories. I now understand how to set myself apart from other intuitive readers in my area and how to ‘set the mood’ so that clients feel taken care of and are receiving a more authentic reading in person.

    Monica J. Foster
  • I loved the teacher, John Soriano. Loved the technique and it really worked. I did this through independent study- it would have been great to have been in the class but the replay was very good – basics covered very well and all questions answered without it being live. I was totally new to meridians and tapping and found learning about these energy points and the tapping technique to be of great interest. The basic technique seems to come natural as practical reiki did for me. I am interested in learning more.

    Mari J Morrison
  • It was great to receive that one on one attention. As always Alice’s classes are not only informative, but fun as well! I learned that we go through life with not only one guardian, but as we grow older another one will come into your life at the right time to guide you along your path. Alice makes learing fun and she treats you as a friend more than teacher/student.

    Debra J. Hewitt
  • This is the first class that I’ve actually taken with Alice and I loved her energy in the class! I have her book on Practical Reiki and had already started doing distance healing with only intention. This class was awesome! I actually saw the invisible person method and that helped me more in my visualization of the method. I had been doing as though the person were laying down in front of me, but the way shown was much easier to scan!

    Debbie Naillon