Reiki, the Healing Arts: Reiki in a Hospital

by MT Schwartz

chakra circleRecently, I had a friend, who was also a Reiki Master, visit me in the ICU of the hospital following my surgery. The thing that surprised me the most was not the increased energy I received, or the healing I experienced or even the improved ability to move. It was the reception we received from the staff. She shut the door for quiet during the healing. Several times staff came into do “rounds” (vital checks, give meds, take blood, etc. etc.), but as soon as they realized what was going on they immediately quietly exited the room to return later. I was truly amazed that not only did so many of the staff “recognize” Reiki/Energy healing, but also respected the healing practice enough to not interrupt the practitioner.

We have come a long way. I can remember a time when Doctors didn’t even want you taking vitamins and those herb things were truly hogwash. Now not only are alternative healing methods accepted, they are even encouraged. Doctors do wish to know what alternative healing methods an individual is participating, especially when it involves herbal supplements. This is to ensure that there are not contra-indicators with medicines. Yet the resistance that once existed is gone.

I was also surprised to discover how many of the medical staff not only knew what Reiki was, but had either experienced Reiki as a client or were Reiki practitioners themselves.

As I was going through my Reiki training and even sometime later, I also discovered something that I was not fully aware of – although it makes full sense. The more I worked with other practitioners the more I realized we all “felt” the healing need differently. One person may talk to a client for just a couple of minutes about anything including the weather – SMILE – and immediately “KNOW” what was wrong and what healing that individual needed. Another would “SEE” the healing need. Others would “SENSE” – or feel. These are some of the examples of the “Clairs” such as Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant and there are more. But even within these each practitioner was still feeling or sensing differently.

It became very fascinating to me, but also taught me a lot (more on that in a minute). I for example, when I run my hands above a client (roughly 3-5 inches) when I get to a “hot-spot” I get zapped. It is like electricity going through my hands telling me you must heal this spot. I can’t ignore it. It doesn’t really hurt, but it REALLY does get my attention. The more serious the healing need, the harsher the electrical jolt is in my hands. This works really well for me because I can zero in pretty close to the exact location of need and I can gauge the severity of the need. Further, the healing continues, the feeling dissipates and I know I am being successful.

I have only found one other person that experiences something similar to me with the electricity. However, I have found a whole range of individuals with different ways of feeling. One described waves of emotions, others say they get anything from tingling to heat to actually feeling negative (ill) energy. As I stated, I have found this very interesting, because what it taught me was we were each using our own personal talents to perform Reiki healing. Yes, we were all using the same positive healing energy to restore balance. But we each had a little different approach to getting there and all were in the best interest of the client.

If you choose to be a Reiki practitioner or Master, one piece of advice I would give is learn to use your gifts and intuition first. It will go a long way to your success. I have grown significantly as a Reiki Master since I figured out how to incorporate my own gifts into healing on others. Good luck on your Reiki journey.

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