Reiki Healing Music

By: Kathryn Bell Robinson

Creating a warm, welcome ambiance for your clients is enhanced greatly by the addition of Reiki Healing Music.

Music has been scientifically shown to alter the brainwave patterns, resulting in a relaxation response. This relaxation not only is a nice companion to healing, but actually helps the physical body to release pain and speed healing. 

Setting the Mood

As you work with their physical, energetic bodies selecting just the right accompaniment in sound healing, you effortlessly offer them the opportunity to journey through tranquil lands of relaxation.  The music soothes their soul and body via vibrations, instruments, songs of nature and delicate tones, encouraging them to gently drift into a state of calm and peacefulness.

As we encourage all of our clients to embrace their special, unique time to do something special for them and take care of themselves, we can help to relax them with peaceful and healing soundscapes as they leave their worries, concerns and to-do-list far behind.

Where to find Reiki healing music

Reiki healing music is readily available via “Reiki healing music” on  YouTube, cds, mp3’s, and free downloads, to name a few sources where this elixir for relaxation and escape can be found.

Whatever your Reiki healing music needs may be, they can be accommodated via any of the mediums listed above and customized for use beyond your healing room.   Your clients and you can continue their relaxation and healing journey with Reiki healing music for sleep, Reiki healing music for relaxation, Reiki healing music to balance your chakras, Reiki healing music for meditation, Reiki healing music for your pet (pets are people too) and so many more applications.

Tips for using Reiki healing music

Taking this sound therapy one step further, by providing your clients with the Reiki healing music they were treated to during their Reiki session with you, they can relive the healing session with all the nuances and benefits by once again experiencing  their healing sojourn in the comfort of their home and even their own bed.

One of the benefits of on-line streaming of Reiki healing music is that you can surround your client with a cocoon of melodic notes and sounds that will speak to their auditory senses from the moment they enter your office, beginning  the relaxation and letting go process prior to entering your healing room.   You can masterfully create your own Reiki healing music playlist or access one of the many YouTube Reiki music playlists available on-line.   The best part is that these playlists are available in one hour, two hour, three hour time increments or even beyond.

With the abundance of research supporting the benefits and healing properties of sound, and the thousands of years that man has successfully integrated sound into healing environments, from ancient Egypt to the grasslands of the Serengeti, to the majestic temples of India and the wide, open, sacred spaces of our Native American ancestors, there could be no test lab more perfect with the same results: sound facilitates healing.

Reiki healing music is your link to what has been proven with great success through the ages: by subtly altering one’s brainwave patterns, one’s healing can be tremendously enhanced!

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