Protect Your Energy from the Inauguration and Beyond

Dear Healers and Seekers,

This Friday, January 20, is, as I’m sure you know, Inauguration Day in the United States. This election has been one of the most contentious in our nation’s history. Tensions are very high, and emotions are stirred up. People have a huge range of strong emotions. It’s affecting pretty much everyone I know in some way.

Many of our students are empathic to some degree. That means, in addition to their own emotions, they sense (in a personal way) the emotions of others. In a time when a large percentage of the population is experiencing strong emotions, empaths have a particularly difficult time.

If you do not know how to protect your energy from the excess, you could find yourself experiencing symptoms such as:

  • complete exhaustion
  • cold or flu symptoms
  • feeling like a dark, heavy weight is on you
  • anxiety and/or depression
  • mood swings
  • feeling drained
  • numbness
  • feeling disconnected, or not like yourself

To avoid the above symptoms, or to clear them, it’s time for some energetic protection techniques.

I scheduled an important class, called (aptly) Energetic Protection. This one-hour class offers techniques that can help you get through this weekend, and what’s ahead, in an emotionally and energetically healthy way.

The class is on the calendar for Thursday, January 19th from 2-3 pm EST. Register here. If you cannot make it, a recorded class is available on demand. The material which we will use, the Energetic Protection Ebook, is included for those registered for either the live or recorded class.

We’ll get through this, friends. I’m here to help.


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