How to Surprise Yourself


People have a tendency to settle into a comfortable version of reality. Familiarity is comfortable, stable, and safe. But, it’s also limiting. In order to grow, which we’re meant to do as people, we have to be willing to try new things. We need to take risks, or entertain new ideas.

And, let me tell you, learning is the reason for living. But, what is learning? Learning is about having new experiences, gaining new awarenesses, having new interactions. It’s pondering these experiences, these new ideas. And, ultimately, it’s about expanding our understanding of reality.

Bam. That’s some powerful stuff right there. You know why? Because if you see it this way, everything is a lesson. The good, the bad, the surprises. Everything is a lesson.

So – stretch this out a little with me – if everything is a lesson, then we can step outside the initial emotional reaction to ask ourselves, “What can I learn from this?” Knowing that we’re primarily here to learn takes us outside the knee-jerk emotional reaction (where we are asking ourselves, “Is this good or bad? Do I like this or not? Is this right or wrong?”) and invites us to find the lesson in the experience.

Surprises are a great way to learn new things. I remember when I first felt Reiki energy tingle my hands, and realized the sensation was my intuition talking to me. I went through surprise, then doubt, then curiosity, and more surprise as I realized that it was real, consistent, and new to me. And right then, my world expanded!

I invite you to allow yourself to experiment with your intuition and try something new. Coming up, we have classes in Practical Reiki, Astral Travel, Manifesting, and communicating with Angels. Ready to grow? Ready to surprise yourself? See you in class!


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