How to Know When to Refuse a Client

As a Reiki practitioner and also an Intuitive Counselor, I’ve realized the importance of knowing when to stop, refuse, or refer clients that are not a good fit for my work. How do I know when to make this decision?

There are red flags that will come up, either during a session, during an initial interview or phone call, or from another practitioner who is referring the client to me, which alert me to a potential problem.

The fact is, many practitioners want clients so much that the thought of turning anyone away is stressful, or we tell ourselves that we can help anyone who comes to us. We aren’t the best fit for everyone, though, and it’s pretty important to have a sense of when to know that the fit is not the best for either of you.

Here are five “Red Flags” that you can watch out for, to help you decide if it’s a good idea to work with a particular client, and advice for each situation:

  1. The client has been going from holistic practitioner to holistic practitioner, quickly, after one or two sessions, looking for the next person to “fix” his dis-ease. Chances are you’ll not really be given the opportunity to help this person as much as he needs before he moves on. This client may not really be ready to heal, or may have unrealistic expectations. Chances are also that this client needs more than one or two sessions to really make progress.
  2. The client seems to fully own his imbalance, and enjoys elaborating about it at length, saying “my pain,” and “my (name of illness),” a lot, and discussing in detail all of the ways he is limited by his symptoms. This client wants sympathy, and doesn’t seem ready to consider that healing is possible. In fact, when a session is over, the client’s symptoms return quickly after a very brief period of relief.
  3. The client is relying on you for his improvement. He may say things like, “What would I do without you?” or, “I’d never be able to take this trip/ go through with this meeting/ get through the week without your help.” This kind of over-reliance is a red flag, because the client is not accepting responsibility for his own healing, and he is saying that the healing is coming from you, rather than it’s a process in himself activated by the energy healing sessions you’re offering.
  4. The client is contacting you repeatedly between appointments. Perhaps you’re getting texts late at night, or during the day, or voice mails are coming in at odd hours. This client is asking for distance healing, advice, or something that should really be reserved for appointment times.
  5. The client has seen you for several sessions, and symptoms seem to be getting worse, not better, and/or he seems frustrated. He may be insinuating that your sessions aren’t helping, and you suspect that is true, even though you trust the energy is being received as the client’s Higher Self decides, (which could be hard to define.)

I created a class to help deal with these red flags and more. If you’ve encountered any of these, I can help you know what to do, and how to professionally address these issues.

The class is called Red Flags: Knowing When to Stop, Refuse, or Refer a Client. I hope you’ll join me to address these red flags, and to get the tools to be ready for them if and when they arise in your practice.

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