Teaching online is both convenient and rewarding for teacher and student alike as the virtual classroom brings together students from locations worldwide without the cost of travel! Students have the opportunity to learn a wide range of subjects from teachers who are experts in their field. Teachers have the opportunity to extend their offerings without geographical limitations. It’s a great opportunity!

Benefits of teaching for the Reiki Awakening Academy are many! Here are some of them:

  • Teachers are paid based on student registration
  • Teachers have the opportunity to take other teachers’ workshops – one free per quarter, additional classes/ workshops at 50% tuition (space permitting)
  • Gain valuable teaching skills and experience from the training and teaching
  • Benefit from Reiki Awakening Academy promotion via newsletter, social media, and website
  • Link to your website and contact info on our website
  • Increased exposure in the Metaphysical community
  • Be part of a community of teachers who represent the best of this work
  • New clients, students and networking possibilities
  • Your own virtual classroom set up for you with no annual fee or costs
  • List that you’re an instructor with The Reiki Awakening Academy on your cv, profile, etc.

Here are some guidelines to follow if you would like to apply to teach a workshop or course:

  1. Look over the RAA Courses. We are looking for new additions that do not replicate what we are already offering.
  2. Write up a description of your class. Tell us what your students can expect to learn and why it’s useful. Include whether there are any materials that would need to be purchased, and whether there would be any prerequisites for your class. Include the length of your class, and how many sessions would be included.
  3. Add a single paragraph bio that tells prospective students who you are and how you came to teach what you offer. Look at the current teacher bios for some ideas of what to include.
  4. Email your proposal to Connie Dohan, Instruction Coordinator at

Teachers who have courses and credentials that we believe will complement our curriculum will be invited to take part in the Reiki Awakening Academy Teacher Intensive, a 2-session master teacher training and orientation (two hours each) that will serve as both training and interview process for a teaching position. This intensive is an invaluable course in master teaching that will give you the opportunity to hone your online teaching skills in a supportive environment of individual peer and instructor feedback. It is offered in small groups, by invitation only. The course fee is $50 and includes certificate of completion. This course is a prerequisite training – valuable for anyone who wants to teach well – and therefore it is a necessary requirement for teaching for the RAA.* We consider it equally important that teachers have training in education as it is that they are experts in their fields. Since teachers for the RAA are paid for their services, teaching a single workshop or class with acceptable student registration would more than make up the fee for the Teacher Intensive training. This certification is a one-time requirement, and provides an excellent opportunity to hone your teaching skills. Once certified, you are approved to teach ongoing accepted workshops and courses with RAA.

*An acceptable alternative to the Teacher Intensive is if you are approved by the Association for Standards in Holistic and Metaphysical Practice (ASHMP). Please let us know if this is the case, and provide a link to the web page with your ASHMP badge.

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