Healing with the Angelic Realm

By Connie Dohan

wings-haloWith just a few tips, it is easy for anyone to receive powerful results when asking for healing, abundance, romance or anything else you desire.

You need to know that when you are seeking healing, or anything else on the 3D plane, you need to work with the seven archangels and their leader, Metatron – Prince of Angels.

Here is a basic listing of the archangels and their duties.  Much more can be easily googled if you wish.


Blue                     Archangel Michael                power & protection

Yellow                  Archangel Jophiel                  wisdom in decision making

Pink                      Archangel Chamuel               peace & love

White                   Archangel Gabriel                  purity & harmony

Green                   Archangel Raphael                healing

Red                      Archangel Uriel                      wise service

Purple                  Archangel Zadkiel                  mercy & transformation

Cube                    Metatron    deep pink & deep green
his healing cube dispels all negativity

Other “useful” angels might be the “Money Angels”.  These are the angels of abundance, prosperity, manifestation and good fortune.

They are the aqua ray and include, among others:

  • Raziel who helps manifest Abundance and Prosperity
  • Gadiel who releases Negativity and Provides Direction
  • Barakiel who brings Good Fortune
  • Gamaliel who provides Gifts and Miracles
  • Pathiel who opens the Gates of Manifestation.


Say, “Angels heal; me now” and those angels around you will hop to it and heal you to the best of their ability.

Better would be, “Archangel Raphael, angel of healing, heal me now.”


“Archangel Raphael and your band of healing angels, heal me now.”


“Archangel Raphael send your green ray of healing into my body to do that which it must to heal my body.”


The angelic realm can handle anything.

Got a tough decision to make?
Say, “Jophiel, penetrate this situation with your yellow ray of wisdom providing an answer that is in the highest and best good of all involved and beyond what we could dream or imagine.”


Join me for the new class, Angel Circles.  We will be learning the color and power of angels as well as a new and innovative way of accessing and using angelic power.

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